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) I 

Mamwx Uapttai 



I Annual Canton 




\ 1923 





WEST ENlP^ ld With The 

Augilst 22-24, 1923 

Winston-Salem, N. G. 

1 ! 




Rowan Baptist Association 

Official Journal of the 
Fifty-Seventh Session 

Held With The 


August 22-24, 1923 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 




The Next Annual Session will be held with The First Baptist 
Church of High Point, N. C, Wednesday before the 4th Sunday in 

August, 1924. 

Corresponding Secretary, Rev. W. L. Mason, High Point 

Compiled by J. W. Hairston, Recording Secretary 

Box 229, Salisbury, N. C. 



The Rowan Baptist Association was organized in 1877 in a hos- 
pital at Salisbury, which was afterwards purchased by the Baptist 
there and was organized in Dixonville Baptist Church. Rev. Harry 
Cowan, Rev. Z. Haughton and Rev. Combe Ellis were the ministers 
present in the organization. 

The following persons have served the Association as Moderator: 
Rev. Harry Cowan first Moderator; then Revs. Z. Haughton, John 
Washington, Grove Crowell, George Bowers, Drs. J. 0. Crosby, P. S. 
Lewis, C. C. Somerville, C. L. Davis, G. W. Johnson, Dr. G. O. Bul- 
lock; at present Rev. J. T. Hairston. 

There were three churches in the organization and except Dix- 
onville in the hospital as stated, the other two worshipped under brush 
arbors. At the Association in Winston-Salem this year eighty 
churches were represented with a membership of twenty-five thousand. 
Total pastor's salary is four hundred and seventy-five dollars to the 
pastor; church property averages five thousand and five hundred dol- 
lars to the church. 



Section 1. This Association shall be known by the name of the 
Rowan Baptist Association of North Carolina. 

Sec. 2. This Association shall be composed of pastor and messeng- 
ers of regular Baptist churches belonging to this Association, who are 
in good standing and full practice of the ordinances, doctrine and dis- 
cipline of the regular Missionary Baptist denominations. 

Sec. 3. Any member of a regular Missionary Baptist church in 
good standing may become an annual member by paying five dollars. 

Sec. 4. The officers of this Association shall be a Moderator, 
Vice-Moderator, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treas- 
urer, and an Executive Board composed of members who 
shall be elected annually and hold their offices until their successors 
are chosen. 

Sec. 5. Regular ordained Baptist ministers in good standing 
with their churches and corresponding delegates may be invited to 
sit in counsel with us, but not to vote; provided that annual and life 
members are excepted. 

Sec. 6. No difficulties existing between churches or standing 
in the church shall be heard by this Association until gospel steps 
have been fully taken outside of this body to settle the difficulty. 

Sec. 7. The object of this Association shall be for fraternal inter- 
course and mutual counsel, to promote the union of churches, and to 
support Home and Foreign Missions and Christian Education. 

Sec. 8. The Association shall meet annually and be composed 
of more than three delegates from each church with a letter giving 
the condition of each church; and said meeting shall convene on Wed- 
nesday at 11 a. m., before the fourth Sunday in August, with an in- 
troductory sermon and continue until the business of the Association 
is completed. 

Sec. 9. The Scripture — the Word of God — shall be sufficient rule 
of faith, doctrine, etc., of this Association; and the traditions of men, 
where they have neither precept nor example in the scriptures to 
justify them, shall be rejected. 

Sec. 10. The following committees shall be appointed after the 
election of officers: 1st, Committee on Devotional Exercises, Except 
the Sabbath, 2nd, Committee on Admission of Churches and Corre- 
spondence; 3rd, Committee on Publication of Minutes; 4th, Commit- 
tee on Time and Place of Next Association; 5th, Committee on Mis- 
cellaneous Business. 


Sec. 11. All churches having 225 members or less may send thfee 
delegates and for additional 25 members over 225, one delegate, pro- 
vided each church shall send at least 10 cents per active member, 
for the general purpose of the Association; provided also, that in ad- 
dition to this money designated for whatever charitable purposes 
cherished by this Association and churches may elect; which sum shall 
be applied accordingly. 

Sec. 12. Any church, a member of this body, that is corrupt in 
practice or doctrine after gospel steps have been legally taken to 
reclaim her and she persists in her course, and shall not longer be a 
member of this body, and the reason in full shall be published in the 
minutes. Furthermore, any church failing to be represented by let- 
ter or delegate two successive years shall be visited by suitable ad- 
monition; and if she neglects to attend the third year, shall be drop- 
ped from the Association. 

Sec. 13. — The Rules of Order in the Baptist Church Directory 
shall govern the deliberation of this body. 

Sec. 14. This constitution may be amended by two-thirds vote, 
provided, twelve months' notice of such be given. 

Sec. 15. That the Orphan Home at Winston-Salem be placed in 
the constitution as one of the objects of this Association and that 
each church contributing ten dollars shall be entitled to one stock 
and each additional ten dollars one stock, provided such arrangement 
can be made with this Board of Trustees. That we hold the twenty- 
five cents per capita in observance but we shall change the Consti- 
tution that each and every member of the church rolls shall be re- 
garded as "active" and for the next year the Association shall require 
ten cents per capita for each member belonging to each church rep- 

Sec. 16. The Secretary of the School Board shall keep an accu- 
rate account of all funds belonging to said Board and shall turn over 
to Treasurer all such funds within 30 days after receipt of the same. 



Rev. J. T. Hairston Greensboro, N. C. 

Rev. H. M. Ellis Lexington, N. C. 


Recording Secretary 

Dr. J. W. Hairston Salisbury 

Dr. F. R. Mason, Assistant Salisbury 

Corresponding Secretary 
Rev. W. L. Mason High Point 


Jas. Timlic Winston 

Executive Board 

J. T. Hairston Greensboro 

R. W. Brown Winston 

J. C. Smith Winston 

R. L. File Winston 

H. H. Ellis Lexington 

S. L. Parham High Point 

J. W. Croom . Reidsville 

B. K. Mason Charlotte 

D. W. Montgomery Salisbury 

F. R. Mason Salisbury 

A. H. Lewis Statesville 

J. W. Hairston Salisbury 

A. S. Croom Salisbury 

P. Joyce Winston 

Edward Gholson Winston 

J. H. Mason Advance 

J. J. Scarlett Greensboro 

W. H. Hester L Greensboro 

J. P. Alexander Salisbury 

J. H. Hamlin Winston 


C. C. Curtwright High Point 

Statistician and Historian 

D. W. Montgomery Salisbury 

Ordaining Council 

R. L. File Winston-Salem 

J. W. Hairston Salisbury 

H. M. Ellis Lexington 

F. R. Mason Salisbury 

J. P. Alexander Salisbury 

A. S. Croom ! Salisbury 

J. T. Hairston Greensboro 


Trustees of the Association 

Name P. O. Term Expires 

E. Gholson, Winston 1924 

Dr. J. W. Hairston, Salisbury 1924 

Prof. R. W. Brown, Winston-Salem 1924 

Rev. A. S. Croom, Salisbury 1926 

Rev. J. T. Hairston, Greensboro 1926 

Rev. J. W. Croom, Reidsville 1926 

Rev. H. M. Ellis, Lexington 1928 

Prof. J. W. Paisley, Winston-Salem 1928 

J. H. Moore, Charlotte 1928 

Ordained Ministers 

J. T. Hairston Greensboro 

J. W. Hairston Salisbury 

J. W. Croom Salisbury 

W. M. Neal Winston 

P. Joyce Winston 

J. I. Munford Winston 

D. W. Montgomery Salisbury 

S. L. Kellie Salisbury 

W. M. Watson Salisbury 

W. H. Hester Greensboro 

R. B. Watts Dallas 

Z. B. Stradferd Winston 

W. H. Hairston Winston 

J. P. Alexander Salisbury 

Edward Gholston Winston-Salem 

H. M. Ellis Lexington 

N. L. Brown Salisbury 

C. N. Brown Greensboro 

(teS^ftaHoek ffigh-^^omt- 

P. F. Long Spencer 

J. S. Rowland New London 

R. D. McCall Granite Quarry 

C. W. Johnson Spencer 

W. W. Gist Concord 

C. M. Williams Winston 

J. C. Gaither Winston 

T. B. Eggleton Winston 

J. J. Scarlett Greensboro 

L. C. Foster Winston 

S. H. Mason Mocksville 

H. D. Haughton North Wilkesboro 

Rev. A. H. Lewis Winston 


Rev. Webb Leaksville 

G. W. Glass Ruffin 

F. R. Mason ^ Salisbury 

J. H. Moore & £^ t%<&*4**L*l- Charlo tte 

IfewK Mason _i &^**A<+?y£*^l High Point 

R. L. File ■ Winston 

B. K. Mason Charlotte 

H. Mackey . Winston-Salem 

J. W. Jones Winston 

H. H. Hawkins Salisbury 

J. H. Hamlin Winston 

Mack Moore ' Badin 

John Lynch Salisbury 

A. C. Miller , Lexington 

J. W. Hawkins Salisbury 

F. G. Green Lexington 

J. R. Summers Winston 

J. A. Morrison Greensboro 

D. S. Saulter _ High Point 

J. W. Kearns Salisbury 

T. C. Phillips Winston 

W. P. Thompson Salisbury 

T. A. Conrad, Evangelist and Singer Mt. Airy 

G. W. Campbell Winston 

W. M. Parrot__ Hickory 

W. L. Sloan . Salisbury 

A. T. Simmons Spencer 

R. D. Webster 1 '. _ Madison 

S. D. Davis Salisbury 

C. H. Roberts High Point 

J. H. Curry Winston 

W. M. Sharp Salisbury 

J. M. Miller Concord 

W. T. Johnson Winston-Salem 

H. D. Haughton Wilkesboro 

C. D. Simmons China Grove 

J. J. Scarlette Greensboro 

G. W. Williams Winston-Salem 

G. H. Davis Winston-Salem 

Licentiate Ministers 

A. Graves High Point 

Alexander Brown Greensboro 

A. Wilson Whitney 

J. E. Melton Spencer 


Thomas Freeman Charlotte 

J. W. Penn Old Town 

E. M. Johnson : Winston 

E. B. King Spencer 

A. Graves High Point 

J. G. Martin Reidsville 

J. H. Owens Lexington 

H. W. White 1 Winston 

A. L. Fulp Walkertown 

William Gray High Point 

W. R. Lee Winston-Salem 

Adam Gill Winston-Salem 

T. H. Freeman Charlotte 

P. B. Caldwell : Reidsville 

W. P. Green Cooleemee 

Annual Members 

Rev. W. P. Thompson 
Rev. R. W. Robertson 
Rev. T. D. Ware 
Rev. F. A. Lowe 
Rev. E. W. Posey 
Rev. H. Mackey 
Rev. T. H. Bullock 
Rev. T. A. Conrad 
Rev. Gaither 
Rev. M. C. Moore 
Rev. H. F. Babo 
Rev. E. W. Casey 
Rev. Arthur Gray 


No. 11,863 



This is to certify that we, Geo. 0. Bullock, R. W. Brown, L. D. 
Wilson, P. S. Lewis, J. W. Hairston, H. M. Ellis, O. S. Bullock, J. H. 
Owens, R. H. Harris, and John W. Paisley, and such others as they 
may associate with them and their successors do hereby associate 
ourselves into a corporation under and by virture of the laws of North 
Carolina, as contained in chapter 21 of the Revisal of 1605, entitled 
"Corporations," and by that name shall have succession and a com- 
mon seal, and may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded before 
any court of record in this state, contract and be contracted with, and 
to that end do hereby set forth: 

I. That the name of this Corporation is The Rowan Baptist As- 
sociation, Inc. 

II. The location of the principal office or place of business of the 
corporation in this is at Winston-Salem, County of Forsyth. State 
of North Carolina; but may have one or more branch offices or places 
of business out of the state as well as in the State. 

III. The purpose of the corporation is for religious missionary, 
charitable, and educational purposes, and for the spiritual, morale 
and mental improvement of men and women, boys and girls, by pro- 
moting and providing for meetings of workers under religious organi- 
tions by providing or establishing an orphanage for the care, protec- 
tion nurture and training of orphan children, a college with a standard 
cirriculum, academic or intermediate schools with regular courses for 
religious, scientific, technical and all grades of industrial training for 
both sexes, and shall have the right to grant diplomas and confer 

And in order to properly prosecute the objects and purposes above 
set forth, the corporation shall have full power and authority to pur- 
chase, lease, sell and otherwise acquire, hold, mortgage, convey and 
otherwise dispose of all kinds of property, both real and personal, both 
in this State and in all other States, Territories or dependencies of the 
United States; and generally to perform acts which may be deemed 
necessary or expedient for the proper and successful prosecution of the 
objects for which the corporation is created. 

IV. That there shall be no capital stock of this corpoi'ation, but 
the corporation shall have power to receive and retain to it, and its 
successors forever, any lands, tenements, rents, goods, chatties, fran- 
chises, or interests of any kind whatsoever, which may be granted, 
conveyed, bequeathed or given to it, or by it purchased or otherwise 
acquired for use of the association in its religious and educational 
work combined. 


V. This corporation shall have the power to execute and issue and 
endorse promissory notes, bonds or other evidences of debt and to se- 
cure the same by mortgages or deeds of trust on its real or personal 

VI. The officers of the association shall be a moderator, vice- 
moderator, secretary, corresponding secretary, treasurer, executive 
board and such other boards as the association may deem fit and 
necessary, who shall be elected annually by the association at their 
regular meeting and hold their offices until their successors are 
elected and inducted into office. 

VII. The association shall at their annual meeting elect a board 
of trustees, consisting of nine members of the association, who shall 
have full and complete charge of the management of the orphanage 
and school or schools under the control of the association. Three of 
the trustees shall be elected for one year, three for two year's, and 
three for three years. They shall make an annual report to the asso- 
ciation, or earlier when called upon so to do. 

VIII. The names and postoffice addresses of the incorporators are 
as follows: 

Name Address 

R. W. Brown Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Geo. 0. Bullock Winston-Salem, N. C. 

L. D. Wilson Winston-Salem, N. C. 

P. S. Lewis Charlotte, N. C. 

J. W. Hairston Charlotte, N. C. 

H. M. Ellis Salisbury, N. C. 

0. S. Bullock Lexington, N. C. 

J. H. Owens High Point, N. C. 

R. H. Harris Reidsville, N. C. 

Jno. W. Paisley Greensboro, N. C. 

IX. The period of existence of this corporation is sixty (60) 

X. That said corporation shall have power to pass all necessary 
laws and regulations for its own government, constitute and elect 
such boards and committees as are necessary for the execution and 
carrying out the plans of the association, which may not be incon- 
sistent with the laws of the State, or the United States. That the 
conditions upon which new members may become associates with the 
incorporators is that they shall be persons of good moral character, 
twenty-one years of age and a citizen of the States of North Carolina 
or of the United States, members of a regularly organized Missionary 
Baptist church, or members of a regular orthodox evangelical Protest- 
ant Church, and shall be admitted into the corporation by a majority 
vote of the incorporators at a regular or called meeting of the cor- 


In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seals, 

this the 7th day of February, 1914. 

Geo. O. Bullock, (Seal) 
R. W. Brown, (Seal) 
Jno. W. Paisley, (Seal) 
L. D. Wilson, (Seal) 
P. S. Lewis, ((Seal) 
J. W. Hairston, (Seal) 
H. M. Ellis, (Seal) 
O. S. Bullock, (Seal) 
R. H. Harris, (Seal) 

North Carolina, 

Forsyth County: 

This is to certify that on the 7th day pi February, 1914, before 
me, a notary public in and for the County and State aforesaid, per- 
sonally appeared Geo. O. Bullock, R. W. Brown, L. D. Wilson, P. S. 
Lewis, J. W. Hairston, H. M. Ellis O. S. Bullock, J. H. Owens, R. H. 
Harris, Jno. W. Paisley, who, I am satisfied, are the persons named 
in and who executed the foregoing certificate of incorporation of the 
Rowan Baptist Association, Incorporated, and, I, having first made 
known to them the contents thereof, they did each acknowledge that 
they signed, sealed and delivered the same as their voluntary act and 
deed for the uses and purposes therein expressed. 

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed 
my official seal, the 7th day of February, 1914. 

(Notarial Seal) Richard E. Reynolds, N. P. 

(My commission expires February 8, 1915) 

Filed February 9, 1914. 

J. Bryan Grimes, Secretary of State. 

I, J. Bryan Grimes, Secretary of State of North Carolina, do 
hereby certify the foregoing and attached four (4) sheets to be a true 
copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the same is taken from and 
compared with the original filed in this office on the 9th day of 
February, A. D., 1914. 

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed 
my official seal. 

Done in office at Raleigh, this 9th day of February in the year of 
our Lord, 1914. 

J. Bryan Grimes, 
Secretary of State. 



Evergreen Cemetery Co., and R. V. Brawley and wife, 
M. S. Brawley 


Trustees of Rowan Baptist Association 

North Carolina, Iredell County, 

THIS DEED, Made this 3rd day of January, 1920, by Evergreen 
Cemetery Company and R. V. Brawley and wife, M. S. Brawley, of 
Iredell County, and State of North Carolina, of the first part, to J. T. 
Hairston, J. W. Hairston, R. W. Brown, P. S. Lewis, J. H. Owens, H. 
M. Ellis, J. W. Paisley, L. D. Wilson and J. W. Faulk, Trustees of the 
Rowan Baptist Association, Inc., of Rowan County and State of North 
Carolina, of the second part: 

WITNESSETH, That said parties of the first part, in considera- 
tion of Five Thousand ($5,000.00) Dollars to them paid by pai'ties of 
the second part the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, have bar- 
gained and sold, and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell and con- 
vey to said parties of the second part, successors and assigns, a cei*- 
tain tract or parcel of land in Iredell County, State of North Carolina, 
adjoining the lands of H. R. Cowles, Austin Estate, McLaughlin, Aus- 
tin, and others, and bounded as follows, viz: 

Beginning at a stake McLaughlin's corner in Austin's line 16 
poles North of the old Spanish Oak Corner and runs with the Aus- 
tin line and the Cowles line S3 1-2 degrees W. 106 poles to an iron 
stake, Meacham's corner in Cowles' line; thence with Meacham's line 
South 86 1-2 degrees East 98 1-2 poles to a stake, Meacham's corner 
in Moore's line; thence with Moore's line North 4 degrees East 6 poles 
to a stake, Moore's corner; thence North 23 degrees West 110 poles to 
a stake in the old line; thence with said line North 86 1-2 degrees 
West 51 poles to the beginning, containing 50 acres, more or less. Be- 
ing a part of the land conveyed by T. T. Cole to the Evergreen Ceme- 
tery Company recorded in Book 58, page 373 and to T. T. Cole by 
R. V. Brawley, Book 58, page 370, and to R. V. Brawley and T. Grier 
Miller and Mary Sample, Book 0, page 8_ , and inherited by Grier 
Miller and Mary Sample from the Estate of their father, J. S. Miller. 

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the aforesaid tract or parcel of land, 
and all privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging, to the said 
parties of the second part and successors and assigns to their only 
use and be hoof forever. 


And the said parties of the first part, for themselves and their 
heirs, executors and administrators, covenant with said parties of 
the first part and their successors and assigns, that they seized of 
said premises in fee and have to convey in fee simple; that the same 
are free and clear from all encumbrances, and that they do hereby 
forever warrant and will forever defend the said title the same 
against the claims of all persons whomsoever. The execution of 
this instrument by the Evergreen Cemetery Company is authorized 
by the Board of Directors at a meeting duly called and held for the 

In testimony whereof, the said Evergreen Cemetery Company 
has caused these presents to be signed in its name by its President, 
and its seal affixed and attested by its Secretary, and the said R. V. 
Brawley and wife, M. S. Brawley, have hereunto set their hands and 
seals, the day and year first above written. 

Evergreen Cemetery Co., (Seal) 

By P. W. Steele, President. 
R. V. Brawley, (Seal) 
M. S. Brawley, (Seal) 

Attest: O. J. Allen, 

North Carolina, 
Iredell County: 

This the 7th day of January. 1920, personally came before me, 
J. W. Sharpe, Dept. Clerk of the Superior Court of Iredell County, 
O. J. Allen, who being by me duly sworn says that he knows the com- 
mon seal of the Evergreen Cemetery Company, and is acquainted 
with P. W. Steele, who is President of said Corporation that he, the 
said O. J. Allen, is the Secretary of said Corporation and saw the 
President sign the foregoing deed of conveyance, and that he, the 
said O. J. Allen, Secretary as aforesaid, affixed the seal of the Cor- 
poration to said instrument, and that he, the said 0. J. Allen, Secre- 
tary, signed his name in attestation of the execution of said instru- 
ment in the presence of the President of said Corporation. 

Witness my hand this 7th day of January, 1920. 

J. W. Sharpe, 

Dept. Clerk Superior Court, 

of Iredell County. 



State of North Carolina, Iredell County. 

I, W. J. Lazenby, Justice of the Peace, do hereby certify that R. 
V. Brawley and M. S. Brawley, his wife, personally appeared before 
me this day and acknowledge the due execution of the annexed Deed 
of Conveyance; and the M. S. Brawley being by me privately exam- 
ined, separate and apart from her said husband touching her volun- 
tary execution of the same, doth state that she signed the same free- 
ly and voluntarily, without fear or compulsion of her said husband, 
or any other person, and that she doth still voluntarily assent thereto. 

Witness my hand and official seal, this 7th day of January, 
A. D., 1920. 

W. J. Lazenby, 
Justice of the Peace. 

State of North Carolina, Iredell County. 

The foregoing certifificate of W. J. Lazenby, a Justice of the Peace 
of Iredell County, is adjudged to be correct. Let the instrument, with 
the certificate be registered. 

Witness my hand and official seal, this 24th day of January, 
A. D., 1920. 

J. W. Sharpe, 
Dept. Clerk Superior Court. 



Dear 1 Brethren, Ministers and Layman composing this the Fifty-Sev- 
enth Annual Session of the Rowan Baptist Association: 

It is with inexpressible joy that I greet you, as we assemble 
here today in the name of our great Leader and Captain. 

We have gathered here from our various churches to give thanks 
unto our Heavenly Father who has safely guided the old ship of life 
upon which we have been sailing for another twelve months, and who 
has once more brought us up to this mount of privilege, whefe we 
may spend a few days together in the exchange of views and the 
mapping out of plans which may help us in carrying out the great 
work assigned us by the great Head of the church. 

We feel very, very happy indeed, and also consider ourselves 
very fortunate to be able to meet here in this great city — the Metro- 
polis of our State. It is indeed a great privilege to hold our annual 
meeting here and to be the guest of the most hospitable people of 
Winston-Salem. It is here in this city that has lived and that still 
lives some of the greatest and most saintly ministers and laymen, 
both men and women, connected with this Association. Numbers Of 
them have gone to join that innumerable host on the other side of 
the Jordan of death. Among those who have lived here and have 
made their lives felt, for good, are Rev. Holland, Johnson and Hairs- 
ton from the ministerial ranks, Bros. Smith and Morton among the 
deacons, and Sisters Morris, Teer and File from the Missionary cir- 
cles. There are others whose names we do not now recall; but who 
like the ones whose names have just been given, fought the battle 
to the gate and are today hard by the throne of God — praising "Him 
who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." "Where- 
fore brethren seeing we also are compassed about with so great a 
cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the sin which 
doth so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that 
is set before us. Looking unto Jesus who is the author and finisher 
of our faith, and for the joy that was set before Him, endured the 
cross, despising the shame and is set down at the right hand of 
God." I do earnestly hope that at this session we shall leave off sel- 
fish contentions and prejudices, or whatever" else that might tend to 
cause divisions among us. But let us unite in giving and receiving 
such inspiraton and information, that on our return to our various 
fields of labor, we shall all be better prepared to put over the Lord's 
program for His church. I have long since discovered that though 
we live in different sections of the field our struggles and problems 
are practically the same. We have the same kind of battles to fight 
against the enemy. Meetings like this, have in the past, done much to 
inspire, encourage and strengthen us to go down from this mount 


of privilege and put forth greater efforts to accomplish our God- 
given tasks. 

"Life is one great battle field 
With forces all arrayed 
If in our hearts we do not yield 
We'll overcome some day." 

If we are to take this world for our Lord and His Christ, we as 
soldiers of the cross must be courageous, fall ine line, bef ound in 
the battle and play our part like men for God and our people. There 
is no discharge in this battle of right against wrong until the king- 
dom of this world shall become the kingdom of our Lord and of His 

Since our last session, death has visited several of our churches 
and has plucked from our numbers some of our strongest and most 
useful laymen. Men who were ever faithful and loyal to all that 
our Association and denomination stands for. We feel keenly the loss 
of their presence from this gathering; because of their ever willing- 
ness to do their bit in fostering the cause of Christ. Among those of 
our personal knowledge who have been called home from earth's 
battlefield are Deacon Wilson of the Ebenezer Baptist church of 
Charlotte, N. C; Deacon Hinton, better known as Father Hinton, of 
the Mt. Vernon Baptist church, High Point, N. C; Deacon Staton of 
the Shiloh Baptist church of Greensboro, N. C; and Deacon Smith 
of the Mt. Zion Baptist church of Salisbury. We feel keenly the 
loss of these, our faithful brethren — but they were God's, and He has 
taken them to be with Him. While here, they had their bitters with 
their sweets, their joys and their' sorrows, but now they are in that 
land where their joys are full-unmixed with the bitter experiences 
of this life. God has given them a place with the glorified saints. 
They have joined the spirits of just men made perfect, and 'ere long 
we shall join them In that land where there is no night, no sickness, 
no death. To their families the Association extends its most heart- 
felt sympathy, and with them we bow in humble submission to Him 
who is too wise to err, and too good to harm us. With the churches 
from whence they have been called, we join most heartily in prayer 
to our Heavenly Father, that He may give you and the Association 
others to take their places in the ranks to help carry on the work 
which these brethren helped to establish. 

The Present Outlook of Our Field. 

For the most part, the present outlook of our field is very en- 
couraging. We are greatly impressed with the intelligence and con- 
secration of the ministers in charge of our churches. For the most 


part they are men with a broad horizon. They are men who do not 
sit down on the job; but men who have a vision of their tasks as 
God's undershepherds and going ahead. Co-operating with the pastors 
is a host of unselfish men and women of power and influence. These 
are working side by side with the ministers to help spread the gospel 
of Jesus Christ through the world. 

Let us hope and let us pray that the little misunderstandings 
which sometimes occur in our work may not divide them, but may 
serve to unite them and that they like true yokefellows may continue 
to pull together until their labors here are ended. 

To the new ministers who have recently come into our Associa- 
tion, we extend a most hearty welcome, and we wish to assure you 
that we appreciate the presence and co-operation of such good men 
as we believe you to be. We hope that your stay with us may be both 
pleasant and profitable. We wish to assure you that we stand ever 
ready to do what we can to help make your work a success. Never 
hesitate to make known to us your requests. 

The needs of our Field: 

Our field covers a large territory, which naturally affords great 
opportunity and great possibilities for service. Our territory extends 
from Charlotte on the south, almost to Danville, Va., on the north. 
From Graham on the east, almost to Hickory on the west. From all 
angles, our territory is perhaps the most choice spot of this grand 
old North State. 

We feel that we have done some things, as an Association, that 
are commendable, and yet when we consider the resources from which 
we can draw, we must frankly confess that we have by no means 
measured up to our opportunities and possibilities. As I see it, one 
of our greatest needs is a more thorough organization of our forces, 
for the sake of the cause. 

The kingdom of God covers a much greater territory than this 
Association. The kingdom of God takes in the whole world, there- 
fore if as an Association we are to help to take this world for our 
Lord and His Christ, we must broaden our horizon and get a world 
wide vision of our task. Brethren, we should not be satisfied until 
every church within the bounds of this Association thoroughly organ- 
ized for the larger work, and contributing regularly for the evangel- 
ization and Christianization of the whole world. Then and not until 
then will we begin to measure up, as we should, to our opportunities 
and responsibilities. It is not enough to have a few of our city 
churches well organized, but we must also organize our churches in 
the rural districts, for this larger work. The pastors and officers of 
our churches in the rural districts must become more interested in 
the world-wide extension of the Master's kingdom. They must line 
up and help win the victory over the powers of darkness and sin. 


Our duty to Missions: 

Each year there is an increasing demand for the support of mis- 
sions, both Home and Foreign. How shall we meet these demands? 
Shall we sit quietly by and hear those repeated appeals, and pay no 
heed ? Shall we rest contentedly in our homes of comf oi - t, with our 
splendid schools and churches, and be at ease while the missionaries 
on the foreign field are calling to us for help, or shall we go to their 
rescue and help them to provide suitable quarters in which they may 
successfully carry on their work among the heathens? I appeal 
to you, today, in behalf of our missionaries on the foreign field, that 
we increase our contributions — so as to make it possible for them to 
do a greater work, that Christ's kingdom may be more hastily estab- 
lished among the heathen. 

For the past two or chree years, I have suggested to you that 
we do some definite work either in Africa or Hayti, by which we may 
perpetuate the name of our Association. This has not, as yet, seem- 
ed to have met your approval. I still feel that we should do this. 

Home missions should, by no means, be neglected. It must al- 
ways occupy a very important place on our program. Remember, 
our religion is not measured by long prayers and loud shouts, but 
by our real desire, effort to help others. We are told that in some 
parts of Western, N. C. there are, as yet, no churches nor Sunday 
Schools. We should look up those places and send a worker there to 
teach the people — to organize S. S. and churches, that these people 
too may hear the Gospel of the Christ who loves them, and will save 
them from ignorance and sin. 

The Orphan Home at Winston-Salem is our child — born here in 
our midst. We must, of course, look after and nourish it, that it 
may grow. Recently, the health authorities have demanded cer- 
tain improvements be made at once — improvements which are neces- 
sary to the health of those unfortunate children. Ministers and lay- 
men let us get together on this matter and raise the funds neces- 
sary to make these improvements at once. We ask that at this ses- 
sion we raise what we can and that we return home each church put 
on a special rally that we may raise the remainder as soon as pos- 

Our duty to Education: 

We should congratulate ourselves that we are living in a state 
which is said to be taking the lead along educational lines. Millions 
of dollars being spent yearly to provide suitable buildings, play 
grounds, etc. The Standard is being raised, so that graduates from 
the different departments of our schools shall be able to measure 
up with those graduating from the same departments of any schools 
any where in the country. We feel very proud of our state because 
of the interest it is manifesting in the educational uplift of its people 


of both races. Yet with all these advantages we are not developing 
into the full-fledged, rounded out citizens that God would have us be. 
We attribute this fact, much to the lack of religious training. We be- 
lieve that Religion and Education should go hand in hand if we are 
to be the right kind of contributors to civilization and Christianity. We 
often find (to our great disappointment) that after many of our young 
folks have completed their education, and are ready to begin their 
life's work, that they are all out of harmony with the church and its 
program. Instead of joining in and taking the lead in the affairs 
of the church, they are more often found criticizing the church's pro- 
gram, and spending most of their time at the movies, dances and on 
joy rides, etc. Sad to say, we find that scientific research and new 
discoveries have caused some of our strong and learned minds (as 
well as some of the older ones) to doubt God and the authenticity of 
the Scripture. What we need most along with our intellectual de- 
velopment, is a more thorough and deeprooted religious training, to 
keep one's mind evenly balanced. Since the State does not make any 
provision for religious training, I appeal to you to give your unstint- 
ed support to our religious schools. 

Shaw University, our great Baptist college, and the only A grade 
college in the state for our colored youth, should receive our support 
both in men and means. Shaw University has a strong faculty of 
consecrated men and women who have at heart the religious and mor- 
al training of those under their instruction and influence. It is in- 
deed, a safe institution for the training of our youth. Our school in 
Western N. C. At our last meeting we were urging you to line up 
with other Associations and conventions in this section of the State, 
in an effort to buy Linwood Academy — that the Baptists might have 
a good school in which to lay the foundation for the religious train- 
ing of our children. But we found it a very hard task to organize our 
forces to accomplish that end. Therefore, had to abandon that ef- 
fort; but we have by no means given up the idea of the establish- 
ment of such a school. W T e feel that we owe it to our denomination 
to do this. 

Our relation to the Conventions, etc., which our denomination 
fosters : 

As an Association we represent all that Baptists stand for, and 
we must not be selfish and narrow in our conception of the Lord's 
work. But, on the other hand, we should see to it that as far as we 
are able, we give our hearty support to the work of our great denom- 

Following are the channels through which we do our mission- 
ary and educational work: 1st. The great Lott Carey Convention, 
through which we do our Foreign mission work. 2nd. The Educa- 
tional and Missionary Convention, of this state, through which we do 


our Home Mission and Educational work. 3rd. The Baptist State 
Sunday School Convention. 4th. The Woman's State Convention. 
5th. The Western Sunday School Convention. 6th. The Woman's 
Auxiliary to our Association. 7th. The Educational and Missionary 
Convention of Western, N. C, which has just come into existence. 
Of the last organization named we wish to say that it is not in the 
mind of this convention to work independently of our great State 
Convention, but to co-operate with them in doing a larger work in the 
spread of the Master's Kingdom. For all the conventions named we 
would solicit your hearty support, that Christ's Kingdom and His 
reign in the hearts of men throughout the world might be hastened. 

We must not close, until we have called your attention to our 
state paper — The Union Reformer. Dr. J. W. Ligon, a man of in- 
telligence and ability, is the Editor. If the paper is not what it should 
be, it is all that we as Baptists have through which to speak of work, 
etc. Therefore, we should give it our hearty support and help make 
it what it should be. 

We would offer a few suggestions for your consideration: 
(1) That we as ministers of the Gospel and as Christian Lay- 
men sound the alarm, and warn our people and especially our young 
people against the great discussion that is now going on amongst the 
Liberalists — a discussion which now seems to threaten the very foun- 
dation of the Christian religion. Let us hold to the truth of the mir- 
aculous birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, His vicarious 
death and suffering, His resurrection and ascension. These are the 
facts upon which Christianity is based. Let us urge our people to 
cling to the Bible, and hold on to the faith of our fathers, who died 
in the full triumph of faith 

(2) That this Association co-operate with hte other Associa- 
tions and Conventions which constitute the Western Educational and 
Missionary Convention, in their efforts to establish a good denomi- 
national school in this section of the state, for the education of, and for 
the moral and religious training of our young people. 

(3) That as an Association we create a fund for the aged min- 
isters among us who wear themselves out in untiring service for the 
Master. They are worthy of help, when they have spent their time 
and strength — yea, their lives in laying the foundation upon which 
we are building today. 

That we ask each church to send up with their representation fee, 
the sum of not less than one dollar for this fund. 

(4) That we find out the real needs of the Orphan Home at Win- 
ton-Salem, and that we put forth every effort possible to raise the 
amount necessary to meet these needs. I would suggest, as I have 
stated before, that each church in the Association plan a thirty or 
sixty day rally for this purpose. 



May I ask, in conclusion, that we, as ministers and delegates to 
this session work in peace and harmony, and to do whatever is in our 
power to make this the greatest and grandest session in the history 
of the Association. 

May God's richest blessings rest upon each one present, dur- 
ing this sitting and when you shall have returned to your various 
homes, is the desire of 




Winston-Salem, N. C. 

August 22, 1923. 

The Rowan Baptist Association met on the above date with the 
West End Baptist Church. 

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a. m. by the Moderator, 
Rev. J. T. Hairston. 

The devotional exercises were conducted by Rev. W. M. Sharp and 
Rev. W. M. Lindsay. Rev. Sharp read Hymn 356 "I Was a Wonder- 
ing Sheep." Rev. Lindsay read 15 chapter of First Cor. and offered 
prayer. Rev. Sharp then sang "In All My Lord's Appointed Ways," 
after which Dr. F. R. Mason led in paryer. After several spiritual 
songs and fervent prayers by members of the Association, which were 
highly enjoyed by the large delegation, the delegates were enrolled. 

Bro. Jas. Smith expressed himself as being highly pleased at 
meeting with the brethren. Rev. Parham said we should regard 
it a high privilege to be present after twelve months apart one from 
another and that we should go down from here more inspired to do 
the Master's work. 

Rev. J. P. Alexander said he not only thanked God for what He 
has done for the denomination but for what He has done for him in- 
dividually. He said he was ever mindful of his promise to God. Rev. 
L. C. Huff said he felt we had been guided by the spirit and should 
thank God for His blessings. 

Rev. Parker thanked God for past favors and pledged a firmer 
hold on things eternal. 

Bro. G. E. Peebles said it was his first time with theb rethren 
but he had come up to learn. 

Rev. Landingham said he was glad to greet the brethren and 
hear the encouraging remarks. 

Bro. Thomas Jackson said he was so very glad to mingle his voice 
with the brethren. 

Bro. M. A. Hoover, said he was glad to note the progress of our 
people and especially the Baptist church. 

Bro. A. R. Sharp said we should represent God and his cause at 
all times. 

Rev. H. D. Haughton said his interest had always been in this 
Association and brethren. He asked for the prayers of the brethren. 

Rev. R. D. McCall said we should enjoy religion and that he was 
here to serve and help those who serve. 

Bro. D. C. Reid said he was praying that this may be a most 
profitable session. 

At this time new members and visitors were introduced as fol- 


lows: Mrs. Brooks, Mrs. Bitting, Mr. Griffin, Mr. Lee Flint, R. H. 
Broadnax, Lindsay Davis, W. M. Koontz, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Curry, W. 
R. Parker, Dr. J. H. Moore, G. E. Peebles, W. M. Warner, S. D. 
Townsend, Mr. Clement, H. H. Hargrave, R. E. Catus, Miss Phillis 
Osborn, Dr. J. E. Boykin, Miss Sarah Wagner, Stella Shoaf, Janie Bul- 
lock, Addie Parker, Lizzie Johnson, Gertrude Roach, J. C. Black, 
W. M. Hairston. 

Mrs. Brooks, Dr. Moore and Dr. Boykin spoke to the delight of the 
Association. On motion Dr. Moore was asked to teach Bible lesson 
each morning during the session. 

"Blest Be the Tie," was then sung. 

Benediction by Rev. A. H. Lewis. 


The afternoon session of the Rowan Association was called to 
order by the Moderator. 

Devotional exercises were conducted by Rev. S. A. Penn and Rev. 
G. W. Campbell. After Rev. Penn sang a hymn Rev. Campbell read 
15th chapter of Romans and Rev. Penn led in prayer. "What a Wonder 
ful Change," was then sung and Deacon John Mason led in prayer. 
Rev. H. M. Ellis then introduced the Moderator who then delivered 
his Annual Address. The address was referred to a special commit- 
tee as follows, Dr. F. R. Mason, Prof. E. E. Curtwright, Rev. P. 
Joyce, Prof. Nelson and Dr. A. S. Croom. 

The Association then heard the report of the treasurer, Col. Jas. 
Timlic, followed by the report of the auditor, Prof. E. E. Curtwright. 
On motion the reports were adopted. 

Rev. Wilson, of the A. M. E. Zion church, Rev. J. O. Bruton and 
Dr. Lee, of Concord, were introduced to the Association. The com- 
mittee on officers reported and the report was adopted, Dr. J. H. Moore 
was elected to fill the place on Trustee Board made vacant by the 
death of Prof. L. D. Wilson. 

Doxology and benediction by Rev. J. H. Moore. 


The Association reassembled at 8 o'clock and listened to a most 
Spiritual devotional exercise conducted by Rev. R. D. McCall and Rev. 
A. H. Lewis, Rev. McCall sang "Who Moves in a Mysterious W T ay," 
and read the Bible account of our Lord's resurrection, Rev. Lewis then 
led in prayer. After a prayer by Rev. J. P. Alexander the choir 
sang a beautiful selection. A male quartette sang to the delight of 
the large congregation. 

Rev. H. M. Ellis delivered the welcome address on behalf of the 
Baptist of the city. He spoke in the highest terms of the spiritual, 
financial and moral worth of our men and women who compose this 


organization. Mr. Clyde Turner, in well chosen words, welcomed the 
Association on behalf of the Sunday Schools of the city. 

Dr. R. L. File assured the brethren that the ministry of the city 
was glad to have the brethren. 

The Mayor of the City was then introduced by Prof. F. M. Fitch, 
who said the mayor was the most sincere public servant the city has 
had for twenty years. 

The mayor said all good people are welcomed to the best city in 
North Carolina, which is the best state. He emphasized the import- 
ance of Christian education and religion. Prof. R. W. Brown spoke 
words of welcome on behalf of the civic organizations of the city. 

Response to these welcome addresses was delivered by Dr. A. S. 
Croom, of Salisbury. Rev. J. W. Croom, of Reidsville, preached a 
thoughtful and inspirational sermon from the subject, "New Birth." 
Dr. Maloy led in prayer. The choir sang a beautiful anthem, after 
which a collection amounting to $22.34 was taken. 

Benediction by Rev. B. K. Mason. 


The Association met at 9 a. m. Dr. Moore conducted a very inter- 
esting and helpful Bible institute which was highly enjoyed by the 

Mrs. G. H. E. Washington being absent Mr. Roy Huff spoke to 
the Association in her stead on the subject, Christian Education. Mr. 
Huff made a splendid impression on the brethren. Mr. Parker spoke 
on the same subject. 

Rev. B. K. Mason spoke to the Association, urging the Baptist 
people every where to send their children to Shaw University to be 
trained in Christian education. 

Rev. S. A. Penn also made timely remarks. Prof. B. W. Brown 
spoke of the great worth of the public schools, Prof. F. M. Fitch based 
his remarks on the kind of teachers that should be selected to teach 
our children. The executive went into session at this time and Dr. 
J. H. Moore was asked to preside in the absence of the Moderator. 

Sister Brookie Hairston spoke of the splendid work being done 
in the Oak Grove Baptist church. A good report came up from the 
Friendship church at Charlotte. Bro. Gill spoke of the work of Eben- 
ezer church at Charlotte. Sister Clara French spoke for St. John 
church at Asheboro. Sister Janie Bullock said they were doing great 
things in the First Baptist church at Badin. Bro. S. C. Gray re- 
ported success at Trinity Baptist church. Bro. M. N. Martin spoke 
for the Rising Ebenezer, saying one hundred members had been add- 
ed to the church this year. Sister Lizzie Johnson spoke for Mace- 
donia church at Salisbury. Rev. W. H. Hairston spoke for New 
Shepherd church at Woodleaf. Bro. Troy Franklin spoke of the good 


work being done at Mt. Airy. Bio. Thos. Alexander told the brethren 
of the Wilkesboro church work. 

Rev. W. W. Watson said great things were being done at St. 
Luke's church at Salisbury. Rev. W. W. Watson also spoke of the 
work being done at Jerusalem church at Spencer. 

Rev. W. A. Sharp represented the Mt. Zion church at Barber. 
Mt. Calvary church at High Point was represented by Bro. Isam 

Hawshaw Grove at Randleman had Bro. Frank Siler as its repre- 

Bro. T. M. Holmes spoke for New Zion, Linwood. 

Bro. R. T. Jenning represented East Market Street church, at 

Rev. D. O. Hairston spoke for the Pine Hall Baptist church. 
Bro. D. M. Weathers spoke for Henderson Grove at Salisbury. Bro. 
A. R. Sharp represented Mt. Zion church, Salisbury. Sister Emma 
Clark spoke for the Claremont Baptist church. Sister Ethel Sumner 
spoke for Pine Grove church. 

Bro. Alonzo Clement spoke for the Friendship church at Coolee- 
mee. Bro. G. W. Kerr represented the Yadkin Grove church. Bro. 
G. A. Burton spoke of the splendid work accomplished by the New 
Zion church, Salisbury, N. C. 

Bro. T. H. Shadd spcke for Parker's Grove. 
Doxology and benediction by Rev. W. H. Hairston. 


The Association met at 2:30 and the devotional exercises were 
conducted by Dr. P. F. Malory and Bro. J. C. Smith. "Rock of Ages" 
was sung and the lesson was taken from 13th chapter of First Cor. 
Prayer was offered by Bro. Smith. Dr. Pegues brought greetings 
from Shaw University. He made a very interesting and encouraging 

Rev. J. J. Scarlett, Rev. Mason, of Charlotte, associated the 

Rev. Scarlett preached a wonderful sermon. Rev. J. T. Hairs- 
ton sang "I Want to Be a Christian in My Heart." Rev. F. R. Mason 
made a fine talk on order of service, stressing punctuality. 
Doxology and benediction by Rev. J. J. Scarlett. 


The Association re-assembled at 8:30. After the devotional ex- 
ercises the choir sang a beautiful selection. Prof. F. M. Fitch, pres- 
ident of the Sunday School Convention of Western North Carolina, 
stated his convention would co-operate with the Rowan Association in 
raising two thousand dollars for the orphanage at Winston, said 
money to be raised and sent in by October 20th. Prof. R. W. Brown 


read a resolution asking every Baptist to give one dollar for this 
work. On motion by Rev. J. W. Hairston the resolution was adopted. 

Rev. S. L. Parham and Rev. Lee conducted the remainder of the 

Rev. Parham preached a Missionary sermon from the subject: 
"Come and Go." The speaker was at his best and spoke to the de- 
light of the large congregation. After the sermon a solo and chorus 
was sung, led by Mrs. Allie Young. Rev. Dr. Bullock called for the 
evening offering, which amounted to $212.85. 

Benediction by Rev. S. L. Parham. 

Winston-Salem, N. C, August 24. 
The 3rd Morning Session 

Devotional was conducted by Rev. J. H. Mason and Bro. C. S. 
Gill. Rev. Mason lined and sung "Am I a Soldier of the Cross," etc. 
Bro. S. C. Gill read 6th chapter of Isaiah. Bro. Miller led in prayer. 
Second selection, "My Soul Be On Thy Guard," was sung. 

The hour having arrived for Rev. J. H. Moore to give a Bible lec- 
ture. Silent prayer for a few minutes at the request of Rev. Moore, 
afterward he announced the subject under discussion. Subject: 
The Inspiration of the Bible. Outlines Inspiration definition. 

(2) The Existence of God (the first cause). 

(3) Authenticity of the Bible and other cardinal doctrine of the 
New Testament. 

The Association extended Rev. J. H. Moore a vote of thanks for 
the lectures given during the Association. 

After the lecture the various committees were appointed. 
Vistoirs introduced, Bro. E. B. Scott, Rev. Ligon, Moderator of 
the Wake Association, paster and manager of the Union Reformer. 
Rev. Ligion spoke to the Association first as corresponding delegate, 
then he presented the "Union Reformer," appealing for its support 
morally and financially. 

The hour arrived for a sermon. Rev. J. P. Alexander, accom- 
panied by Rev. H. D. Haughton, ascended the pulpit. Rev. Haugh- 
ton lined and sung "I'm Not Ashamed to Own My God," etc. After- 
ward led in prayer. Rev. W. L. Mason sung "I Want to See Jesus, 
Don't You?" W. M. Hobson, of Leaksville, favored the Association 
with a beautiful solo. 

Dr. Alexander arose after a brief preliminary sang "Blessed Be 
The Name of Lord," and then announced for his text Rev. 2-19, words 
of the text "Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown 
of Life." Dr. Alexander preached a powerful sermon that moved the 
hearts of all who heard him. Rev. Mason sang "Life is like a Moun- 
tain Railroad," etc. An offering was taken for Rev. Aiken, a young 
man preparing for the ministery to the amount of S17.00. 



The afternoon session opened with song and devotionals con- 
ducted by Bro. A. C. Miller who lined hymn 396. The scripture lesson 
was read by Bro. Washington, he read Rev. 4 chapter. Prayer was then 
offered by Bro. Miller. No. 99 "Guide Me O' Thou Great Jehova," was 
sung with spirit and power, then followed by a sincere prayer by 
Bro. R. T. Jennings. "I'll be Satisfied," was sung. 

With proper introduction of matters of business the Moderator 
called the house to program. 

Committee on new church reported. Report adopted (see re- 

Committee on President's address reported. Report adopted (see 
report.) Dr. F. R. Mason spoke instructively to our people on the 
Linwood school proposition. 

Bro. L. J. Marshall said the First Baptist church at Albemarle 
was getting along well after a set set backs. Bro. S. G. Gilbert spoke 
for Providence church at Kernersville. 

Dr. Moore said the First Baptist church at Charlotte was in fine 
condition and that 60 members had recently joined. 

Bro. H. L. Hargrave said the Dixonville church at Salisbury was 
in good financial and spiritual condition. 

Bro. Geo. Long spoke for the First Baptist church at Linwood. Sis- 
ter Addie Parker said that New Hope church at New London had a 
good pastor and was doing fine work. Bro. R. B. Bridges said the 
First Baptist church at Kannapolis was getting along nicely. Eben- 
ezer, Greensboro, was reported in splendid shap. Bro. J. C. Dillard 
said New Zion at Reidsville was doing a splendid work among the 
young people. 

Bro. J. W. Lewis said that every department of West End church 
was in fine working order. Bro. Mack Jones praised Mt. Zion at 
Winston-Salem, also the pastor of that church. 

Bro. J. H. Grice spoke for the New Bethel church. 

Bro. Alex Young spoke for Mt. Zion at Mocksville. 

Sister Esther Foust said that Rock Ridge church at Concord was 
doing well. Bro. W. M. Hairston spoke for Buncomb church at Lin- 

Deacon A. R. Williams said that the Bulah Baptist church at 
Madison was still in the faith. 

Bro. C. A. Jackson in speaking for First church at Thomasville 
said we are getting ready to build a new church. Bro. Calvin Heilig 
said the St. Matthews church at Rockwell was doing well. Bro. P. W. 
Lee said the Waughtown Baptist church had a good pastor who had 
served there 23 years. 



The Association met at 8:30. Praise services were conducted 
by Rev. D. S. Saulter and Rev. W. T. Johnson. The committee on 
Ministerial Relief read report which was adopted (see report). 

Rev. Edwin Gholson read the scripture and sang "Draw Me 

Dr. Bullock used for his text "Get Wisdom and with all thy get- 
ting - get understanding." 

He preached a powerful sermon which was highly enjoyed. Rev' 
Mason and Rev. Gholson called for and received a collection amount- 
ing to $43.00. Ebenezer church at Greensboro sent $5.00. 

Benediction by Dr. P. F. Maloy. 


Mrs. Julia Bidding, Lexington; G. E. Peebles, Rt. 4, Mocksville; 
Lee Flint, Rt. 4, Mocksville; Robert Johnson, 201 Chamber St., States- 
ville; W. G. Griffith, 105 E. Lee St., High Point; Mrs. Lizzie Brooks, 
328 Harrison St., Reidsville; Wm. Warner, Rt. 1, Box 14, Pelham; 
Rev. H. C. Hairston, 104 Fairview St., High Point; Mrs. C. A. Ellis, 
Box 187, Lexington; Isom Reed, 126 Fairview St., High Point; Prof. 
E. E. Curtwright, High Point; Rev. H. T. Bobo, 1214 E. 15th St., Win- 
ston; Geo. A. Neal, 1307 Wallace St., Winston; Rev. T. D. Ware, 1049 
E. Washington St., Greensboro; John L. Parker, Rt. 2, Box 30, New 
London; Mrs. L. R. Chavis, Rt. 1, Box 129, Trinity; Rev. J. W. Aiken, 
Shaw University, Raleigh; Prof. R. W. Brown, Winston-Salem; Mrs. 
Pearl Knox, N. Wilkesboro; Mrs. Lillie Myers, N. Wilkesboro; James 
Sampson, Rt. 5, Box 149, Ruff in; Rev. W. Hairston, Winston; Rev. A. 
C. Miller, Lexington; Rev. D. O. Hairston, Pine Hall; Rev. S. A. 
Penn, 900 Austin St., Greensboro; Col. James Timlic, Winston; C. S. 
Gill, 512 S. McDowell St., Charlotte; C. D. Westbrook, 307 W. 10th 
St., Winston; J. A. Griggs, 1328 Deey St., Winston; Joe. Simpson, 
Rt. 5, Box 149, Reidsville, Miss Sarah Wagner, Linwood; Miss Stella 
Shoaf, Rt. 3, Box 32, Lexington; J. H. Broadway, 838 Johnson St., 
Greensboro; Prof. J. M. Hargrave, Lexington; R. B. Bridges, 1167 
Narrow St., Kannapolis; W. B. Branch, Rt. 4, Box 45, Salisbury; C. A. 
Thompson, Broad St., Concord; A. R. Sharp, 513 S. Caldwell St., Sal- 
isbury, L. C. Hough, 130 N. Lee St., Salisbury; Rev. J. W. Jones, 1373 
Chestnut St., Winston; Rev. W. L. Mason, 104 Hoover St., High Point; 
Rev. J. E. Meton, Rt. 4, Box 49, Salisbury; Rev. Randolph McCall, Rt. 
4, Box 53, Salisbury; Rev. S. A. Townsend, 205 Fairview St., High 
Point, Rev. S. L. Parham, 600 E. Washington St., High Point; Rev. 
J. L. Hairston 836 Austin St., Greensboro; Rev. H. M. Ellis, 125 Burk 
St., Lexington, N. C; Mrs. Ethel Summers, Rt. 7, Box 44, Winston; 
Mrs. Emma Clark, Claremont; A. R. Gentry, Rt. 4, Box 67, Winston; 
R. T. Jenning, 147 N. 'Dudley St., Greensboro; Rev. R. F. Lee, 53 


Chestnut St., Concord; K. S. Hampton, Rt. 1, Box 72, Leaksville; J. H. 
Mason, Rt. 3, Box 37, Mocksville; Dennis Mason, Rt. 3, Box 37, Mocks- 
ville; Rev. T. H. Harris, 1216 E. 13 1-3 St., Winston; P. T. Hairston, 
Rt. 2, Box 15, Advance; E. D. Durrah, 626 Chestnut St., Winston; W. 
P. Groves, 447 Harrison St., Reidsville; T. M. Holmes, Linwood; Rob- 
ert Broadnax, Box 306, Leaksville; Rev. J. J. Hough, Rt. 2, Box 203, 
Albemarle; Rev. G. W. Campbell, Winston; Rev. A. R. VanLanding- 
ham, Winston; N. S. Anderson, 108 Belo St., Winston; Samuel Smith, 
Winston; P. W. Lee, Winston; Rev. P. Joyce, Winston; Rev. W. A. 
Sharp, Salisbury; Miss Lizzie Johnson, 835 W. Innes St., Salisbury; 
Dr. F. R. Mason, Salisbury; Miss Phillis Ausborn, 400 N. Caldwell 
St., Salisbury; Rev. A. H. Lewis, Winston; Harry Lewis, Winston; 
Clyde Booe, Winston; Geo. Perry, Winston; Rev. J. W. Hawkins, E. 
Henderson St., Salisbury; D. C. Reid, 314 N. Penn St., Lexington; 
Miss Sarah H. Welmon, Badin; Miss Addie Parker, Rt. 2, Box 30, 
New London; Rev. C. H. Brown, 1327 Cromatie St., Winston; Rev. J. 
H. Moore, 800 S. Church St., Charlotte; C. A. Jackson, Thomasville; 
J. A. Curry, Box 44, Lexington; W. H. Hester, 408 N. Dudley St., 
Greensboro; Louis Wilson, 408 N. Dudley St., Greensboro; Rev. J. P. 
Alexander, 701 S. Shaver St., Salisbury; Dr. A. S. Croom, Box 636, 
Salisbury; Rev. J. E. Boykin, Box 189, Thomasville; Harold Har- 
grave, 520 S. Shaver St., Salisbury; J. C. Smith, 607 E. 4th St., Win- 
ston; Alonzo Clement, Cooleemee; J. C. Black. Rt. 4, Box 166, Salis- 
bury; B. L. Holmes, Southmount; G. W. Kerr, Rt. 4, Salisbury; Mrs. 
L. Brooks, 07 W. Horah St., Salisbury; Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Hairston, 
Winston; Miss Lenor Jarrett, 1022 King St., Winston; Miss Mary 
Joppling, 223 W. 11th St., Winston; Miss Gertrude Roach, Rt. 3, Box 
149, Greensboro; Mrs. J. W. Hairston, Box 229, Salisbury; Mrs. Daisy 
L. Broows, 907 W. Horah St., Salisbury; Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Hairston, 
Leaksville; Mrs. Hallie Price, Leaksville; Miss Ethel Roberts, Leaks- 
ville; Mrs. Julia Burnes, Leaksville; Miss Lucile Allen, Winston; Dr. 
G. O. Bullock, 408 T. St., Washington, D. C; Miss Irene Coles, Rt. 3, 
Box 98, Lexington; Miss Pat Lee Johnson, Rt. 4, Box '8, Lexington; 
Rev. Alex Young, Rt. 4, Box 37, Mocksville; C. N. Booe, 134 N. Cherry 
St., Winston; G. W. Long, Linwood; Rev. W. A. Sharp, Salisbury; 
M. B. Withers, Rt. 2, Box 170, Salisbury; W. M. Hairston, Rt. 3, Box 
61, Linwood; Garlin Holmes, Thomasville; W. M. Koontz, Thomasville, 
A. R. Williams, Madison; Lindsay Davis, Lexington; Robert Broad- 
nax Leaksville; William Hobson, Leaksville; Rev. R. E. Catus, Box 
144, Thomasville; Rev. E. H. Hairston, Rt. 3, Thomasville; Rev. G. 
W. Curry, Thomasville; Dr. P. F. Maloy, 403 N. Dudley St., Greens- 
boro; Rev. S. G. Gilmer, Guilford; Rev. J. W. Croom, Box 130, Reids- 
ville; J. C. Dillard, Box 450, Reidsville; Rev. J. J. Scarlette, 808 Bap- 
tist St., Greensboro; Prof. W. N. Nelson, 903 Lindsay St., Greens- 
boro; Ed. Watkins, 1207 E. 18th St., Winston; Rev. L. E. Koontz, 


Thomasville; N. W. Mack, 122 Salem Station, N. C; Tyre Alexander, 
N. Wilkesboro; Rev. W. M. Neal, 1412 E. 7 1-2 St., Winston; Troy 
Franklin, Mt. Airy; L. F. Fray, Trinity; Rev. E. D. Leach, Arch- 
dale, N. C; Hill Brackskin, Box 71, Reidsville; Mrs. Hester H. West, 
Rt. 7, Box 137, Winston; Mrs. Amey Friday, Rt. 7, Box 130, Wins- 


We, the committee on the Moderator's Annual Address, beg 
leave to submit the following report by recommending: 

1. That the full address of the Moderator be published in the 
minutete of the Rowan Association. 

2. That adequate steps be taken and definite and feasable plans 
be worked out looking toward the founding of a secondary school in 
the western part of the state, where our boys and girls may receive 
suitable preparatory Christian training preparatory to entering col- 

3. That the gospel ministers and other religious teachers and 
workers shall so study and teach by precepts and example, the funda- 
mental thoughts of our faith in Jesus Christ, that heresies and spur- 
ious teachings may not disturb the equilibrium of our members. 

4. We recommend that a benefit society to be composed of all 
Baptist ministers in our bounds, looking toward caring for the aged 
ministers, be formed and that a committee be appointed at this ses- 
sion to work out the details of the same. 

Respectfully Submitted, 
Rev. F. R. Mason, Chairman 
Prof. E. E. Curtwright, 
Rev. P. Joyce 
Rev. A. S. Croom 
Rev. D. W. Montgomery 
Prof. W. N. Nelson, Sec'y., 


We, your committee on new churches, wish to submit the follow- 
ing report: 

1. Boxwood Baptist church organized June 31, 1922, by J. W. 
Hairston, D. D., Mocksville, N. C, Route 4. 

2. The First Baptist church, Thomasville, Rev. J. E. Boykin, 

3. Mt. Olive Baptist church, Salisbury, N. C, Route 4. 

4. The Emanuel Baptist church, Thomasville, N. C. 

5. Springfield Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

<\. The United Usher's Board, Bro. C. D. Westbrooks, Delegate. 


7. St. John's Baptist church, Winston-Salem, N. C, Member- 
ship 25. L. C. Foster, pastor. 

Respectfully your committee on New Churches, 
Rev. W. L. Mason 
Rev. R. D. McCall 
Bro. A. R. Williams 
Rev. C, W. Webb 
Rev. W. M. Watson 
Bro. J. H. Broadway 
Bro. R. T. Jennings 
Bro. Dennis Mason 
Rev. W. M. Sharp 
Miss Irine Coles 
Miss Pat Lee Johnson 
Bro. Alex. Young 
Bro. C. W. Booe 
Rev. S. H. Mason 


The Committee appointed to work out plans looking toward car- 
ing for Baptist Ministers who become incapacitated, after careful . 
consideration wish to submit the following: 

1. That we recommend that the Rowan Association create a 
Ministers Benefit Fund. 

2. That a special trustee board be appointed to have general 
charge of the fund and to make annual report of the same to the 
Association each year. 

3. That all ministers of this Association shall be requested to 
make an annual donation to the Ministers Benefit Fund of at least 
one dollar per year ($1.00). That the Rowan Association shall ap- 
propriate from its funds each year to the Ministers Benefit Fund. 

4. That each minister who pays in $1.00 annually shall be en- 
titled to the benefits of the Ministers Benefit Fund. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Rev. F. R. Mason, Chairman 

Rev. A. S. Croom 

Rev. D. W. Montgomery 

Rev. B. K. Mason 

Bro. R. T. Jennings 

Bro. M. A. Hoover 

Bro. J. H. Mason 

Bro. J. C. Smith 

Rev. J. J. Scarlett 

Rev. Edw. Gholson 

Bro. W. N. Nelson 




Whereas, the pastor and members of West End Baptist church, 
assisted by the First Baptist, Mount Zion, New Bethel, Emanuel, 
Shiloh, Rising Ebenezer, Waughtown Baptist and Mount Pleasant 
Baptist churches, have entertained the officers, members and friends 
of the Rowan Association in a way that has reflected the spirit of 
true hospitality, and whereas on account of this fine demonstration 
of co-operation in religious efforts, the session of the Association has 
been very effective and withal pleasent, therefore be it 


1. That we extend our sincere thanks to this church and the sev- 
eral churches assisting her, for the fine entertainment while in the 
city of Winston-Salem. 

2. That we commend the excellent spirit of union and coopera- 
tion that obtain among the colored Baptist churches of this splendid 
city to the thoughtful consideration of the various churches within the 
bounds of our Association, in particular and to the churches of the 
state in general. 


Whereas reading makes a full man and is calculated to shape and 
determine character of sterling worth, if of the proper kind and na- 
ture, therefore be it; 


1. That Rev. P. F. Maloy, D. D., be appointed Religious Book 
Colporter of the Association. 

2. That Rev. Dr. Maloy shall select such religious books and 
helps, to sell to our people, as h may think wise. 


Prof. W. N. Nelson, Rev. B. K. Mason, Rev. J. J. Scarlett, Dr. 
G. 0. Bullock, Rev. D. S. Saulter, Rev. W. L. Mason, Rev. W. H. Hairs- 
ton, Rev. D. W. Montgomery, Bro. J. H. Mason, Bro. A. R. Sharp, Dr. 
R. F. Lee, Bro. J. M. Hargrove, Rev. S. G. Gilmore, Bro J. C. Dillard, 
Bro. Ed. Watkins, Bro. L. E. Kerns, Bro. N. M. Mock, Bro. Tyre Alex- 
ander, Bro. R. B. Bridges, Bro. W. B. Branch, Bro. C. A. Thompson, 
Rev. L. C. Huff, Rev. J. W. Jones, Rev. J. E. Melton, Bro. E. H. 
Hairston, Bro. G. W. Curry. 


Rev. J. T. Hairston, Rev. Gholson, Prof. Nelson. 


Rev. Dr. J. W. Hairston, Rev. H. M. Ellis, Rev. J. T. Hairston. 



Bro. J. A. Greggs, Rev. S. A. Penn, Rev. S. H. Brown, Bro. E. D. 


Prof. Renolyds, Rev. Leak and Mrs. L. B. Neal were introduc- 
ed to the Association. 

After singing "Blest Be the Tie That Binds Our Hearts in Chris- 
tian Love," the Association was dismissed by W. H. Hairston. 

We your committee on Missions, beg leave to report the follow- 

As Missionary Baptist, we realize a lively obligation to answer 
the call of the Great Commission. Our personal salvation creates in 
us the same desire of the Apostle Paul, that our people be saved, 
and that the gospel and mission work, is the most direct and standard 
way to bring the world to Christ. 

We therefore pledge and bind ourselves to keep before our people 
the work of Home and Foreign Missions. 

We also recommend that the penny system be kept up in our 
churches and that on each Sabbath, or preaching day, this collection 
be called for and used only for purpose of missions. 

We ask that each pastor preach, at least, two missionary ser- 
mons to his people during the Association year, and allow an after 
collection to be taken after these sermons. 

We further see the need of a Colpartner missionary on our field 
to help our people to secure the right religious literature, the Union 
Reformer, and right hymn books, and manuels and song books. 
Respectfully, the Committee, 

Dr. P. F. Maloy, Rev. S. D. Townsend, Bro. M. A. Hoover, Rev. W. 
L. Sloan, Bro. W. M. Rodgers, Rev. W. R. Parker, Miss Julia Bid- 
dings, Bro. G. E. Peebles, Bro. Lee Flint, Bro. Robert Johnson, Bro. 
M. G. Griffith, Mrs Lizzie Brooks, Rev. H. C. Hairston, Bro. W. M. 
Warner, Bro. Isam Reeds, Rev. A. C. Miller, Bro. D. O. Hairston, Rev. 
S. A. Penn, Bro. C. S. Gill, Bro. J. A. Griggs, Jas. Simpson, Sarah 
Wagnor, Stella Shoaf. 

We, your committee on appropriations, beg leave to report the 

Recording Secretary Service $ 25.00 

* J. W. Hairston, Ex. 1.00 

* Minutes 150.00 

* Assistant Secretary 12.50 

* Secretary of Ex. Board 21.36 

* Moderator's Ex. Traveling 15.43 


* Printing Steward Brothers 16.25 

* Sexton West End Church 8.00 

* Treasurer Col. Timlic 10.00 

* Orphan Home 350.00 

* Shaw University 100.00 

* Lott Carey Con. 125.00 

* Mrs. T. H. Hairston 7.50 

* Mrs. A. H. Sloan 75.00 

* Mrs. J. H. Owen 7.50 

* Mrs. K. W. Alslon 7.50 

* Finance Com 12.00 

* Union Reformer 5.00 

* Rev. H. M. Ellis, Ex. 5.00 

* Prof. E. E. Curtwright 4.68 

Delegate Lott Carey 75.00 

* Prof. R. W. Brown, Ex. Ex. Board 4.00 

* Dr. G. O. Bullock 15.00 

* State Convention Rep. 50.00 


* Cor. Secy. 5.00 

Prof. R. W. Brown, Rev. J. P. Alexander, Dr. F. R. Mason, Rev. 
P. Joyce, Dr. R. L. File, Bro. Lewis Wilson, Rev. S. L. Parham. 


We, your committee on Education, beg leave to make the follow- 
ing report: 

Whereas, we the committee on Education, see the great need of 
our Association purchasing building and maintaining an education- 
al institution in our bounds and Western North Carolina, adequate to 
accommodate our boys and girls from this and other sections; an in- 
stitution which will meet the requirements of the Department of Edu- 
cation of the State of North Carolina, be it resolved; First, That we 
as an Association prosecute a definite program to raise money and to 
finance such an Institution. 

Second, be it further resolved that our Educational Program will 
be developed, according to the general accepted or rejected report to 
be made by a commission delegated from the Educational Convention 
of Western North Carolina; that is, we recommend that we co-operate 
fully with the Educational Convention of Western North Carolina to 
such a purpose. 


Be it further resolved that we lend every possible assistance to 
the support and maintainance of Shaw University in its great effort to 
give to our people a higher education. 

Lastly, we recommend that a systematic program for the pur- 
pose of raising funds for education be established in each and every 
church in our bounds. 

Respectfully submitted your committee, 
Rev. A. S. Croom, Chairman, 
C. H. Brown, Secretary, 

Dr. A. S. Croom, Miss Gertrude Roach, Rev. J. H. Hamlin, J. W. 
Lewis, Mrs. Daisy Brooks, Mrs. Mary C. Hairston, Rev. C. H. Brown, 
Rev. J. C. Bruton, Miss Phillis Osborn, Rev. A. H. Lewis, Bro. D. C. 
Reid, S. L. Reid, Rev. P. F. Long, Miss Sarah H Wellman, E. D. 
Scott, Miss Addie B. Parker, Prof. J. W. Paisley, Dr. J. H. Moore, 
Rev. H. M. Ellis, Rev. G. W. Glass, Bro. T. H. Harris, Bro. E. D. 
Durrah,- B. F. Chavis, Bro. W. P. Graves, C. D. Westbrooks, Bro. T. M. 
Holmes, Dr. Edward Gholson. 


We, the Committee on Permanent Organization, beg leave to 
make the following report: 

That we recommend the re-election of the present corps of offi- 
cers, except a few who have not been very active, or who have moved, 

Rev. S. L. Parham instead of Rev. Mitchell. 

Rev. B. K. Mason instead of Bro. Rev. W. A. Cooper. 

Bro. Jas. C. Smith, Winston, instead of Rev. O. J. Allen. 

Rev. J. H. Moore, D. D., Charlotte, instead of Prof. L. D. Wilson, 


Moderator Rev. J. T. Hairston Greensboro 

Vice Moderator H. M. Ellis Winston 

Recording Secretary Rev. J. W. Hairston Salisbury 

Assistant Recording Secretary Rev. F. R. Mason Salisbury 

Corresponding Secretary Rev. W. L. Mason High Point 

Treasurer Bro. Jas. Timlic Winston 


Rev. J. T. Hairston Greensboro 

Prof. R. W.' Brown Winston 

Bro. J. C. Smith Winston 

Rev. R. L. File, D. D. Winston 

Rev. H. M. Ellis _t Lexington 

Rev. S. L. Parham . High Point 

Rev. J. W. Croom Reidsville 

Rev. B. K. Mason Charlotte 


Rev. W". D. Montgomery Salisbury 

Rev. F. R. Mason Salisbury 

Rev. A. H. Lewis : Salisbury 

Rev. J. W. Hairston Salisbury 

Rev. A. S. Croom Salisbury 

Rev. P. Joyce . 1 Winston 

Rev. Edward Gholson, D. D. Winston 

Bro. J. H. Mason Advance 

Rev. J. J. Scarlett Greensboro 

Rev. W. H. Hester Greensboro 

Rev. J. P. Alexander Salisbury 

Rev. J. H. Hamlin Winston 

Prof. E. E. Curtwright High Point 


Rev. D. W. Montgomery Salisbury 


Time Expires 

Rev. E. Gholson, Winston 1924 

Rev. J. W. Hairston, Salisbury 1924 

Prof. R. W. Brown, Winston 1924 

Rev. A. S. Croom, Salisbury 1926 

Rev. J. T. Hairston, Greensboro 1926 

Rev. J. W. Croom, Reidsville 1926 

Rev. H. M. Ellis, Lexington 1928 

Prof. J. W. Paisley, Winston 1928 

Rev. J. H. Moore, D. D., Charlotte 1928 


Rev. R. L. File Winston 

Rev. J. W. Hairston Salisbury 

Rev. H. M. Ellis Lexington 

Rev. F. R. Mason Salisbury 

Rev. J. P. Alexander Salisbury 

Rev. A. S. Croom Salisbury 

Rev. J. T. Hairston Greensboro 

Committee on Permanent Organization 
Rev. J. W. Croom, Rev. J. P. Alexander, Rev. P. Joyce, Rev. H. D. 
Haughton, Bro. Peyton T Hairston, Rev. A. H. Lewis, Bro. J. C. Smith. 
Rev. R. D. McCall, Prof. W. N. Nelson. 


We your committee on time and place beg leave to submit the 


That The Rowan Baptist Association convene with the First Bap- 
tist church at High Point, N. C, of which Rev. S: L. Parham is pastor. 

Prof. J. M. Hargrave, Rev. C. W. Catus, Rev. C. W. Webb, Bro. 
Louis Wilson, Rev. J. E. Boykin, Bro. J. C. Smith, Bro. Alonzo Clem- 
ent, Bro. J. C. Black, Bro. B. L. Holmes, Bro. J. W. Kerr, Bro. C. W. 
Long, Bro. M. B. Withers, Bro. W. M. Hairston, Bro. Garlan Holmes, 
Bro. W. M. Koontz, Bro. Lindsay Davis, Rev. J. J. Hough, Bro. Robt. 
Broadnax, Bro. W. M. Hobson, Rev. R. C. Catus, Bro. C. A. Jackson, 
Bro. K. S. Hampton, Bro. J. A. Curry, Rev. A. R. Vanlandingham. 


Aug. 24, 1923. 
The Finance Committee wishes to report the following: 

Representation Fees $941.32 

Public Collections 296.72 

Total Amount Raised $1,237.04 

Committee: Rev. Campbell, Bro. H. Hargrave, J. W. Croom. 

Brought Forward $ 65.00 

Received from F. R. Mason, May 1, 1923 500.00 

Received from Farm 96.00 

$ 661.00 
Pair Out: 

For insurance $23.00 

For repairs 16.75 


Balance, Aug. 23, 1923 $662.00 



Winston-Salem, N. C, Aug. 23, 1923. 
To the Rowan Baptist Association: 

Having carefully examined the books and accounts of your Treas- 
urer, Col. James Timlic, I am glad to certify that his accounts are ac- 
curate, neat and correct, and that the report which he has just made to 
you is correct also. 

Very fraternaly yours, 
E. C. CURTWRIGHT, Auditor. 






Rowan Baptist Association 



Friends, Sisters and Brothers of this our Auxiliary to the Rowan 
Baptist Association: 

Again it is my delightful pleasure to meet you. Year after year 
we are permitted to meet each other, and God's hand of protection 
is still guiding us. 

Many that were with us in former years, have ceased from their 
toils and are resting with Him in that home where no sorrow nor dis- 
appointments are ever known; while we are still here trying to carry 
on the work He has assigned to us, till we too shall join them in that 
home where peaue forever reigns. 

Dear Sisters, as we gather each year I find it a task to bring a 
new message to you. Yet there is no happiness more enjoyed, or 
pleasure so anticipated than to meet you in our annual meeting, noth- 
ing to cause one bit of sadness until Thursday evening when I find 
the next number is the President's address. 

1 have no new message this year, the only new thought is the old- 
est thought. The opportunity to lift the fallen care for the erring, send 
the gospel to the benighted lands and establish Christ in every home in 
our own country. 

We are living today in a world of invention and revolutions. 
Every thing changing. The evils of this world seemingly is over com- 
. ing the good, but that is only true where we allow conditions to change 

If we are steadfast and unmovable, we have nothing to fear. 
There is one who will hold us in the hollow of His hand. If we rely 
solely upon Him, and keep the one great principle and allow that to 
rule our lives, time will soon revolve us back to the real thing. The 
Christian life. The spirit of self denial and sacrifice. The spirit of 
living and giving. Consecration is the path that will lead us back. 

As I study the youth of our land and the increasing wave of 
crime, my eyes are blinded with tears, and the question comes, Are 
we responsible ? Can we women remedy conditions ? Are we too so 
interwoven with the fashions and pleasure of this world, that we can- 
not reach out a hand which comes from a clean life, full of pure mo- 
tives and rescue our boys and girls ? Raise the standai^d of woman- 
hood, and we can. This dear Sisters as I first stated is no new 
thought, but one that should be impressed upon every one present. 

As 1 stand here I see some who have heard these messages for 
the past nine years. It thrills me with joy, that God has allowed them 
to be here and encourage me in this great field of labor. They too 
realize that more consecration is needed and our joy does not consist 


in receiving and giving, but service, and serving. Setting ourselves 
apart for service to Him who does so much for us. 

In studying the men and women of the Bible this year, one great 
lesson was learned. That of endurance, perservation, patience and 
ever on the job. 

So many Christians start well, but fall out of rank too soon. We 
are like the old saying, up and down, giving the evil once a chance 
to possess a part of our time. Some shine brightly for just a day or 
so before the annual meetings, and then stay dark until the next 
year. God is not pleased with this sisters. He wants our service ev- 
ery day. He never withholds His favors from us. Our lives are times 
of servings, and he or she is unwise who does not look for the harvest. 
If you are waiting to do great things, you will never accomplish much 
for it is doing what we call small things that makes us great. God 
is great in big things, but he is also very great in little things. No- 
tice if you please the mechanism of the minute things of life, you 
should then realize that your service is very much needed in the com- 
munity in which you live, and your church and Sunday school needs 
you, that would be one test of your greatness. The Home Mission 
work done by us as individuals is often neglected many. I mean the 
desire to help those around us. We are anxious to be sent from home 
to work, but the neighborhood work is too small for us. Look around, 
help those nearest you. Honesty is one of the best traits by which we 
are known. 

Real men and women will pay their just and honest debts in 
the material world; but forget that their moral obligations are equal- 
ly as binding. The debt of lifting the fallen, giving to the needy, and 
bringing cheer to those in sorrow. It is a great privilege to do some- 
thing for the Master. To be a worker for Him is the highest honor 
one can receve; but unless love predominates our lives, all our efforts 
will be in vain. 

The purest, noblest love is the love for humanity. The love that 
Christ wishes to instill in the life of His disciples is a love that is not 
contented while anyone s hungry, naked, cold or need to be brought to 
hear the gospel. 

Home Mission work can be done by every one present without 
money, all is invested in time and service. 

Telling the story of the wonderful love of our Master as I think 
of the prejudice now existing among some faction of the other race 
toward us, the thought dawns within me clearly that our Saviour 
alone can ever bind this torn and discorant world together, and it 
must be done by the Christians of both races. Trade has been tried 
and failed; diplomacy failed, society was unequaled to the task and 
His is the only way that can be relied upon that will unite us in 


be lifted up I will draw all men unto me." Shall we lift Him up? 
Lift Him up by our daily examples, our dealings with our fellowman, 
and by our lives in-our homes and the community in which we live. 

The next great question of this part of our work is the saving 
of our youth. The like of interest they take in the church and Sun- 
day school when they reach the early Adolescent age is apalling. 
They grew up in the church and Sunday school and when they are 
most needed to carry on the work they will not be used. 

Why ? Are we responsible ? Has the home training been neg- 
lected ? I may have the wrong conception, but I attribute it to the 
first lesson imprinted on the child's mind by the teacher', both in the 
Sunday School and Public School. The carnally minded teacher can 
never develop a spiritually minded class. The Sunday school teach- 
er should remember her work is to lead her pupils to Christ in youth; 
for if the soul is not brought to Christ then, one thing is unquestion- 
ably certain that the soul or the life one will be lost to him, as in old 
age we give Him an empty life as our useful activity has been wasted. 

Too often we intrust the lives of our children to those who have 
never been converted. Education cannot and never will take the place 
of religion, and unless we get Sunday School teachers back to this 
position of power and influence where they are the guiding and de- 
termining forces to save as well as instruct the lives of our girls and 
boys, only consecrated teachers should be intrusted with this position. 

The same should be expected in the public school, tatlers, danc- 
ers, card players, giglers, and extreme fashioness should not be al- 
lowed to mold character. To raise a high way where all will con- 
trive together to make the home church and school safe-guards for 
our children, should be each ones duty. 

The home training is sadly neglected, parents are too lenient, 
many mothers and fathers go to the regular prayer meetings, and 
their children go to movies or stay home to entertain or out automo- 
bile riding. If you are needed at religious services, why shouldn't 
your children be also, what excuse will you render to God for their 
absence ? He gave them to you to rear up rightly, in doing the right 
part for our children we help save our neighbors. We wait too long to 
get acquainted with the inner lives of our children, they are gone 
from under our control before we begin to study them. They live 
alone in the home and the other woman or man become their coun- 
cilor before we know it. Mothers, it is to you that God looks for the 
molding of character in your children, for seldom is it known that 
no truly great man or woman has ever lived who did not have a 
great mother. Will your children be great? A neglected family altar 
is the root of the weakness and worldliness of many a Christian home. 

Home Mission is indispensable to Foreign Missions. Many are 
here who do not know anything about Foeign Mission work. A 


stream that does not send out as well as receive will soon become stag- 
nated, they do not know that we have Missionaries to support in Af- 
rica and Hayti. Those who are sacrificing their lives in our stead. 
We think it is their job when the command was given to all, so if we 
cannot go we can at least give and teach the children to give. Let 
us as individuals set apart a certain amount each year to send the 
Gospel to the foreign lands. Regard no effort too exhausting, no 
sacrifice too great, to help every foreign Missionary movement. All 
should interest themselves in the great cause of God. 

All can pray more earnestly the missionary clause of the Lord's 
Prayer, "Thy kingdom come." All can contribute to the support of 
missions. The Master is calling for volunceers to labor in His vine- 
yard, and many are heedless to His call. We need to do more foreign 
mission work this year than ever before. Teach the little children, 
that the boys and girls in foreign lands want to know about Jesus, and 
they can do something for them. Train the children so they may 
measure all things by the rule of love. To value their possessions only 
as they help them to render great service to their fellowman, and 
Christ loves that service best which displaces tears with smiles and 
motives with right endeavors, dispair with hope and sorrow with joy. 

The organization of the children into this branch of our work is 
one way of teaching them that their service is also needed. Let them 
start early to do both Home and Foreign Mission work. It may be 
from this our Auxiliary God might find a Paul, a David or Lydia. 
The Missionary spirit may be born into their young lives. Make this 
department a special object for our prayers. Do not allow our Home 
work to cause us to forget our foreign work. 


I hardly know just what to say about our educational work in 
this part of the state. We have been dreaming too long. We were 
about to realize and grasp hold to something that seemed real, but 
the opportunity to realize this quickly passed away. The lack of 
unity among us was the reason, we noticed day after day the num- 
bers didn't count. We have the numbers, but each is a number that 
stands to itself and will not unite with the others. Would that we 
could come and reason together as Baptist. Talking is too cheap, 
the time demands that cheap things be done away with. We want 
great things but we want to pay so little for them. We have planned, 
and planned, now when the plans be put in execution. So many con- 
tend that we do not need a denominational school. WHY ? The differ- 
ent Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Congregationalist and all 
have. WHY ? Yes the State is making provisions. But when they 
leave the public schools, what schools must they attend ? They can- 
not get in the public schools that high Christian training received in 


denominational schools. Education means more than school training, 
when we see the tide of immorality running at such a low ebb. The 
lessons in morals must be given. 

The sacredness of the 4th Commandment must be ever impressed 
on the minds of the youth. The Sabbath is now a day of pleasure in- 
stead of worship. Ball playing, horse racing, automobile riding, pic- 
nics and all forms of amusement are carried on, forgetting God's 
commandment. "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy." So- 
ciety has so many alluring evils that draw our children from the path 
of righteousness, that unless the church endeavors through a Chris- 
tian school to save them, there is no remedy for this condition. 

But another generation seemingly will have to rise before we can 
realize the need of such. In Christian schools all these lessons are 

The influence of those who study the higher things of life is 
felt. The Bible lessons learned are determining points in the youths 
life. With the right kind of teachers, the denominational schools is 
the beacon light for the youth. What is to be done? Where is the 
goal ? The brethren tell us, they are looking for a site, and will buy 
and erect buildings as soon as possible. We will follow and do our 
bit. We are anxiously waiting for the opportunity to do something 


We must not forget our Orphan Home. You hear of all the im- 
provements needed. The time should come when our superintendent 
should not have to beg. We know the children are there and must be 
cared for, and the times demand that conditions be of such, that will 
bring credit to the Baptist of N. C. 

We should be mindful of those children, as it is by caring for the 
orphans that our religion is tested. 

Sisters, there is so much to do, how shall we stand idly, and hear 
the Master's call for laborers. If we can't do great things, we can do 
our part. Do not get discouraged, because the Linwood project was a 
failure. Failures most times are stepping-stones to. success. Failure 
often comes to try those who are determined to go forward. 

Behind the dim unknown I believe that God has a way, because 
of this disappointment. 

Go on praying and working. Christians seek not yet repose cast 
thy dreams of ease away. Thou art in the midst of foes. Watch and 
pray. Gird they heavenly armor and wear it every night and day. Am- 
bush lies the evil one, Watch and pray. Hear the victors who over 
come, still they mark each warriors way. All with warning voice ex- 
claim, Watch, Work and Pray. 



My resolutions are few, but rarely ever carried out, when recom- 
mended. After listening to such a great sermon, of the traits of true, 
womanhood, the standard should be raised, therefore I recommend: 

1st. That it go on record that the women of this live lives of 
purity. Be virtuous in words, deeds and actions. Dress becoming 
to Christians, abhor that which is evil, cleave to that which is good. 

2nd. That we teach our children the great lessons of chastity and 
righteousness, that the Bible be their great guide, and find solace in 
religious worship. 

3rd. That the family altar be kept up, and if you failed to have 
one. Rear one at once. Let your children hear you pray. Be first to 
lead them to Christ. 

4th. That we work hand in hand with the Association. They lead 
and we will follow them. 

5th. That we do more for missions than ever before, making this 
our banner year for the saving of souls. 

6th. That all worldly amusements that lead to the desire of evil 
and sensuality be discarded, especially dancing and card parties. That 
we put on the the whole armour, guarding against the evils of this 
world. Helping our neighbors as we wished to be helped, realizing 
two laws are more adequate to the regulation of the whole Christian 
community than all political institutions together, viz: 

The love of God and that of our neighbor, 

Jesus says, Go work in my vineyard 

O work while it is day 

For the bright hours of sunshine 

Are hastening away 

And night gloomy clouds 

Are gathering fast 

Then the laboring time 

Will forever be past 

Blessed thrice blessed 

Are the diligent few 

Who finish the work 

That is given them to do. 



Winston-Salem, N. C. 

The Woman's Auxiliary to the Rowan Baptist Association met 
in its 15th Anniversary with the Waughtown Baptist Church, July 
18-20, 1923, of which Rev. P. J. Joyce is pastor. 

The meeting opened at 3:00 p. m., with praise service conducted 
by Sisters Emma Joyce and Mary Ward. After testimonies and ex- 
pressions from the sisters, new delegates were introduced to the body. 
Homes were assigned and the meeting adjournd. 


Praise service conducted by Sister Fannie Mason and Lillie Bynurru 

Scripture lesson, Gen. 2nd chap. 18-25, read by Rev. J. W. Hairs- 

Prayer, Rev. Webb. 

Music, Church Choir. 

Paper, "Woman's Sphere in Society," read by Mrs. Sarah Rey- 

Recitation, Mrs. Bessie Grimes. 

Solo, Miss Lucy Trainard. 

Recitation, Miss Naomi Campbell. 

Welcome on behalf of the Baptist Churches of the City, Lawyer 

Welcome on behalf of the Missionary Society and County Un- 
ion, Mrs. Carrie Lanier. 

Welcome on behalf of business enterprises of the city, Lawyer 
F. Williams. 

Welcome on behalf of Forsyth Medical Association of the City, 
Dr. A. H. Ray. 

Welcome on behalf of the Inter-denominational Union of the city, 
Rhv. J. D. Diggs. 

Welcome on behalf of Waughtown Baptist Church. Rev. G. W. Camp- 

Response to the Welcome Addresses, Sister Carrie Lewis. 

Sermon by Rev. T. C. Phillips, of Shiloh Baptist Church, Winston. 
His text was found in the 3rd chapter Genesis, 3rd verse, and in the 
15th chapter of Matt., 28 verse. Subject: Woman's place, power and 
influence. Rev. Phillips left no stone unturned. He simply told us 
about our place and the result of being misplaced, then left us to live 
the life. 

Collection for missions, $17.15. 


Praise service conducted by Sisters Lucinda Belt and Rosa Poin- 


dexter. Our souls were revived as the Holy Spirit manifested itself 
in our hearts, and our cups were running over when we had to turn 
aside for the discussions and other things. First topic for discussion: 
The Object and the Accomplishment of This Organization, (a- 
To the Assocation, Rev. J. T. Hairston. He said that the Association 
could not get on without the help of the women, he also said that 
he felt that the organization had been with them in their sorrows, bit- 
ters and sweets and any big thing they have attempted to do the wo- 
men had been there to support them, and for that reason they had 
accomplished the aim of the organization. 

(b) To Missions: Sister Ada Glenn. Sister Glenn asked some very 
important questions, one of which is, Have we done all we could for 
missions? Sister Glenn seemed to have been at her best. Sister Anna 
Willard read a paper on the same topic. She enlarged on the words of 
our Blessed Master, "Go ye into all the world and preach my gos- 
pel." She told and explained many beautiful truths, 

(c) To Education: Rev. H. M. Ellis, Rev. F. R. Mason and Sis- 
ter Lucy Lea made some splendid remarks on the topic. 

(d) To the Orphan Home: Sister Lucy Thompson told of some 
of the educational work of the Auxiliary to the orphan home. 

Enrollment of new delegates and introduction of visitors. Rev. 
Mason of High Point, Mrs. Pearl Croom and Mrs. Faulkner spoke for 
the new delegates and visitors. 


THURSDAY P. M. 2:30-3:00 

Service conducted by Sisters Nancy Summers and Mary Stew- 
art. We were again blessed with the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit 
and our hearts burned as we talked and sang of His wonderful love. 
Rev. F. R. Mason then spoke concerning the failure of the "Linwood 
School Project." Among the many helpful, interesting and stirring 
things he spoke of was the necessity of thorough organization and co- 
operation from the pulpit to the door. He said we needed it now more 
than ever and by so doing, the educational interest will be cared for 


Praise service conducted by Sisters Hattie Cousin and Ibbie Cole- 
man. Again we were visited by the Holy Spirit. 

Solo, Mrs. Mamie Christian. 

President's annual address. Each year we look forward to the 
great privilege of listening to our president. As we look at our 
president and hear the words that so clearly point out to us our duty, 
words that are full of helpful advice and timely suggestions, we are 
greatly inspired, and are possessed with a burning desire to take each 
advice and suggestion and put into practice. This address will appear 


in the minutes, there you will have time to read and digest each 

Comments on the address by Sister Lucy Thompson, Rev. H. ML 
Ellis, Rev. J. W. Hairston and Rev. P. J. Joyce. 

It was moved and carried that a committee be appointed on 
the president's address. The following persons were appointed. Rev. 
P. J. Joyce, .Rev. J. T. Hairston, Rev. A. S. Groom, Mrs. Croom, Mrs. 
Ibbie Coleman and Mrs. Jemmie Jennings. 

Sermon, Rev. A. S. Croom. His subject: The Glory of Going On." 
"Come thou and go with us and we will do thee good, for the Lord has. 
promised good concerning Israel." 

Again we were blessed with a glorious sermon, one long to be re- 

Collection for the Orphan Home, $57.84. 


FRIDAY MORNING, 8:00-9:00. 

Praise service conducted by Sisters Emma Davis and A. L. 

On account of not having sufficient time on Thursday afternoon, 
topic that was to have been discussed had to be left over until Friday 
morning. "Why the lack of interest among so many of our young 
men and women towards Christian service?" was beautifully discuss- 
ed by Sister R. H. Harris. She was very instructive, and told us ex- 
actly why this lack of interest. Each word was based on the Word 
of God. 

Rev. W. H. Hairston spcke next. He very forcibly emphasized the 
fact that God not only meant for us to keep the 7th Commandment, 
but all the others are just as necessary to make an "All round" Chris- 
tian life. 

Rev. A. S. Croom then spoke and re-emphasized the great fact 
that Sister R. H. Harris brought out which was: "We should begin 
to train our children long before they are born." 

Mr. F. M. Fitch spoke on the necessity of a sytem of training 
the children. 

Sister L. R. Chavis was the next speaker on the topic. She 
brought out the fact that in this careless and world-busy age we, as 
mothers,i do not take the time to train our children. 

Sister Daisy Phillips told us that we, as Auxiliary women, could 
prevent this lack of interest, by lifting up Christ, by clean lives and 
upright living. 

"Character — What is it and how to build it?" was most beautiful- 
ly discussed by Sister Nannie Washington. First she told us just what 
character is and just how to build it. She was very interesting and 


Next we listened to Sister" Vandelia Johns and Sister Pearl 
Croom. Too many words of worthy praise can not be said concerning 
these noble women of our Auxiliary who brought to us, in their well 
written papers encouched in choice and simple language, some facts 
about, "Woman's power to banish modern evils." They assured us 
that we had the power and should use it. 

A few minutes after 12:00 o'clock Sister L. R. Chavis and Sister 
Henrietta Crenshaw conducted Memorial Service. It seemed that 
God in His all wise power had called one, two and three from each 
church represented in the Auxiliary and we were made to feel that we 
wanted to take steps that would bring us in close steps with the Sa- 


After a short and sweet praise service conducted by Sister Susan 
Smith and Siser M. Miles, the hour for the children, (of our Children's 
Department of this Auxiliary) had come. Sisters Jimmie Jennings, 
Addie Hairston, Bettie S. Gibbs and Mary Stewart are the Super- 
visors. Sister Addie Hairston took charge of the program. 

The children with their recitations, solos and papers did great 
credit to themselves and was an inspiration to all. 

Collection for children $6.45. $5.25 was collected for Antioch Bap- 
tist church. 

__ FRIDAY EVENING 8:00-9:00 

Praise service conducted by Sister Lettie Gunnings. 

Reading and adoption of the minutes. 

A token of appreciation for her loyality and faithfulness was pre- 
sented to the president, Sister Fannie L. Mason. 

Solo, Sister Addie Hairston. 

Sermon, Rev. P. P. Eaton. It was a powerful sermon. Rev. Eaton 
preached it seemed, as he never preached before. He was filled with 
the Holy Spirit which filled us all. 

Dr. A. J. Christian very sweetly sang to the delight of all, "A 
Step Between Me and Jesus." 

Collection $13.60. 

Thus ended one of the best meetings of the Auxiliary. Next Ses- 
sion will be held with the Dixonville Baptist Church, Rev. A. S. Croom, 
pastor, on Wednesday after the 3rd Sunday in July. 

The executive board will meet Thursday before the 2nd Sunday 
in May at the First Baptist church, Winston-Salem. 


Rec. Secretary. 



Iredell Co. — Sister Anna Moore 

Sunshine Band — Sister Ada Glenn. 
Mt. Airy — Sister Kizee 

Sunshine Band — Sister Nannie Washington- 
Davidson — Sister Cora Hairston 

Sunshine Band — Sister Fannie Mason, 
Wilkesboro — Sister Gertrude Haughton. 
Trinity — Sister L. R. Chavis. 

Supervisors for the Sunshine Bands — Sisters Bettie Sue Gibbs, 
Jimmie Jennings, Addie Hairston, Mary Stewart. 


We your committee on officers beg leave to make the following 

President, Mrs. F. R. Mason; 1st Vice President, Mrs. H. M. Ellis; 
2nd Vice President, Mrs. Joanna Hardin; 3rd Vice President, Mrs. 
Mamie Christian; 4th Vice President, Mrs. Mary Jopling; Rec. Sec- 
retary, Mrs. M. E. Paisley; Assistant Rec. Secretary, Mrs. Addie 
Hairston; Corresponding Sec, Mrs. Jimmie Jennings; Treasurer, Mrs. 
Ada Glenn; Auditor, Mrs. H. D. Haughton. 


Mrs. A. H. Lewis, Chairman; Mrs. Anna Williard, Mrs. Mary 
Ward, Mrs. M. A. Hoover, Mrs. Hattie Cousin, Mrs. Lucy Lea, Mrs. 
Thenia Hargrave, Mrs. Lucy Thompson, Mrs. Etta Clement, Mrs. 
Nancy Mason, Mrs. Agnes Nelson, Mrs. Elvia Lanier, Mrs. Nancy 
Sumners, Mrs. P. J. Joyce, Mrs. Maria Fitch, Mrs. Lillie Bynum, Mrs. 
Fannie Parker, Mrs. Fannie Mason, Mrs. Lucinda Belt. 


Rev. J. T. Hairston, Chairman; Rev. J. W. Hairston, Rev. F. R. 
Mason, Rev. H. M. Ellis, Rev. P. J. Joyce, Rev. R. L. File, Rev. S. L. 

Report of the New Bethel Baptist Church, Mocksville, N. C, 
(R. F. D. 4, Box 37): 

Madam President, and members of the Women's Auxiliary of 
Western, N. C. 

Greetings: We submit to you the following report: 

We have a large circle, and all of our church members are mem- 
bers of the "Home Circle." We have a pastor who is loved from one 
end of the county to the other. He has served us more than two years, 
and we have not had a cross word. Our church is in perfect harmony. 
When he came to us, we had not organized our circle, and it is the 
leading circle in Davie county today. We have brought to this con- 
vention $40.00 and two delegates. On each 4th Sunday is our preach- 


ing day, and our church will not hold one-half of the people. On last 
year that were added to our church by baptism 19. We are planning 
to entertain this auxiliary some time in the near future. 
Mrs. Craford Brown, is our president. 
Miss Effie Williams, Secretary. 

Faithfully submitted, 
Delegates, Effie Williams, Mrs. Craford Brown. 
Rev. A. P. Vanlandingham is our pastor. 


Mrs. Carrie L. Lewis, Box 174, Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. M. B. Whitlock, Rt. 7, Box 129, Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. Ella Carrigan, 415 S. Main St., Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. Emma Davis _ 50c 

Mrs. Emma Joyce, Route 5, Box 5, Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. Sarah E. Woodruff 50c 

Mrs. Gratna Games 50c 

Mrs. Nannie Harris, 323 N. Church St., Salisbury 50c 

Mrs. Ethel J. Collier, 1122 E. 12ch St., Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. N. G. Washington, 108 Salem St., Greensboro 50c 

Mrs. Ida Davis, Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. LilLe Bynum, 1502 E. 12th St., Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. Hester West 50c 

Mrs. Mattie Mock 50c 

Rev. G. W. Campbell, Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. Georgia Clement 50c 

Mrs. Annie Patterson, 165, Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. Sallie Lemly, Rt. 9 Box 129, Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. J. A. Hardin, Walkertown, N. C. 50c 

Mrs. Effa Craward, Box 277, Lexington 50c 

Mrs. Pattie Jackson, Thomasville 50c 

Mrs. Mary Murry, 914 Chicago St., Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. Eiviva Lanier, 2216 Old Leltin Road, Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. Susan Smith, E. 4th St., Winston-Salem . 50c 

Mrs. Lettie Gunnings, E. Bank St., Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. Deliah Pritchett 50c 

Mrs. L. R. Chavis 50c 

Mrs. Nancy Sumners 50c 

Mrs. Johnson 50c 

Mrs. Lucinda Belt 50c 

Rev. J. T. Hairston 50c 

Mrs. Ellene Currin 50c 

Rev. F. R. Mason i 50c 

Mrs. Garner 50c 

Mrs. Lucy Lea 50c 


Mrs. Anna Willard, 926 Claremont Ave., Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. Mattie McCollum, 613 Somul St. Greensboro 50c 

Mrs. Cora Pettress, 310 Beech St., Greensboro 50c 

Mrs. Fannie Gunter, 1005 Greenwood Ave. 50c 

Rev. A. S. Croom, Salisbury 50c 

Mrs. Callie Crews, Boston Alley, Salisbury 50c 

Mrs. Thenia Hargrave, S. Shaver St., Salisbury 50c 

Mrs. Lillie Myers, Box 305, 50c 

Mrs. Blanche Litaker, 708 Bernhardt Ave., Salisbury 50c 

Mrs. Pearl B. Croom, 415 S. R. R. St., Salisbury 50c 

Miss Nannie Davis, Lexington 50c 

Mrs. Mary Ward, 125 Burke St., Winston-Salem 50c 

Mrs. Charlotte Boone, 603 Nantucket St., Greensboro 50c 

Mrs. Lula J. Hudson, Cooleemee 50c 

Mrs. Luvenia Hughes, 1425 E. Bank St., Winston 50c 

Mrs. Mary E. Brown, 1502 E. Bank St., Winston 50c 

Mrs. Nancy J. Mason 50c 

Mrs. Ada Glenn, Rt. 3, Statesville 50c 

Mrs. Anna Moore 226 Garfield St., Statesville 50c 

Mrs. Mary Daniels, 1026 Oak St., Statesville 50c 

Mrs. Lydia Bates, 819 West Ervino St., Salisbury 50c 

Mrs. Winnie Davis, 1040 Pittsburg Ave., Kimberly Park, Winston 50c 

Mrs. Ellen Nelson, 907 Woodland Ave., Winston 50c 

Mrs. Etta Clement, Box 163, Spencer 50c 

Mrs. Hattie Cousin, 520 E. 1st St., Winston __1 50c 

Mrs. Gertrude Haughton, Box 304, North Wilkesboro 50c 

Mrs. Maria S. Fitch, 1233 Highland Ave., Winston-Salem 50c 


Shiloh Church, Greensboro $5.00, Sister F. M. Fitch $1.00, Sister 
Carrie Hoover $1.00, Sister Effie Crawford $1.00, Sister Agnes Nelson 
$1.00, Sister Lucy Lea $1.00, Sister Charlotte Boone $1.00, Sister Jim- 
mie Jennings $1.00, Sister Mary Ward $1.00, Sister Joanna Hardin 
$1.00, Sister Gertrude Haughton $1.00, Rev. Boykin $1.00, Mt. Zion 
Salisbury $1.00, Sister Nannie Harris $1.00, Rev. J. W. Hairston $1.00, 
Rev. H. M. Ellis $1.00, Sister R. Poindexter $1.00, Sister D. Pritchett 
$1.00, Sister Walker $1.00, Sister Cora Heggie $1.00, Rev. Jones $1.00, 
Rev. W. M. Neal $1.00, Prof. F. M. Fitch $1.00, Sister Hester ? West 
$100, Sister F. R. Mason $1.00, Sister Thenia Hargrave $1.00, A White 
Friend $1.00, Sister Mary Ward $1.00, Sister Lucinda Belt, $1,00, 
Sister Ada Glenn $1.00, Sister Anna Moore $1.00, Sister L. R. Chavis 
$1.00, Sister Emma Joyce $1.00, Sister Mattie Mock $1.00, Sister 
Sliza Holmes $1.00, Sister Maggie Robinson $1.00, Sister Nancy 
Sumners $1.00, Sister Winnie G. Campbell $1.00, Sister Minnie G. Wil- 
liams $1.00, Sister Mamie E. Paisley $1.00, Rev. J. T. Hairston $1.00. 



We your committee on resolutions submit following: 

Whereas the spirit of mission is a fundamental in the Christian 
religion and whereas money is a fundamental in the work of missions, 

Be it resolved that each local society will send the secretary of 
this Auxiliary $1.00 each month and the secretary will send receipt 
for the same. 

Be it resolved further, That since the word mission is so broad 
in its meaning the auxiliary will appropriate this money to the best 
interest of the Master's cause. 

Be it resolved that each member of the Rowan Association will 
use his or her influence to bring each church to the next meeting of 
this Auxiliary. Now that since we have been so royally entertain- 
ed by the members and pastor of this church and members and pas- 
tors of the Baptist churches of the city, be it resolved that we ex- 
tend to them our most hearty thanks and appreciation for the kind 
and beautiful hospitality shown us and that we will pray our Father's 
blessings upon them as they journey through this life. 

We further recommend that the Auxiliary give their hearty sup- 
port to the educational convention of Western North Carolina. 
Respectfully submitted, 

Sister Jimmie Jennings, Sister Addie C. Hairston, Sister M. E. 
Paisley, Sister L. R. Chavis, Sister Lizzie Johnson, Sister Mary W. 
Stewart, Rev. H. H. Hamlin. 


We your committee on Temperance submit the following in view 
of the fact that Temperance is an evil that saps the life out of our 
people, old and young, and drags manhood and womanhood to ruin. 

We recommend that this association use its influence against all 
evils that are degrading to our people and tend to lead astray. 

We further recommend that we stand for Temperance in all 

The Committee, 

Sister Emma Joyce, Sister S. B. Chipmun, Sister Thenia Har- 
grave, Sister Pearl Croom, Sister Letitia Gunnings, Sister Sarah Dob- 
son, Sister Mattie Mocks, Rev. W. M. West, Rev. W. H. Hairston. 


We your committee on the president's address beg to submit the 

That we especially emphasize and safe guard ourselves from the 
evils as mentioned in our president's address, namely worldly pleas- 
ures and fashions. That we take her advice in a more thorough con- 
secration in our president's address, namely worldly pleasures and 


fashions. That we take her advice in a more thorough consecration in 
our lives to the service of God. We further recommend that copy of 
the entire address be spread upon the face of the minute and a copy 
be published in our union conference. 

Rev. P. J. Joyce, Rev. T. J. Hairston, Rev. J. W. Hairston, Mrs. 
Jimmie Jennings, Mrs. Ibbie Coleman. 


We your committee on education beg leave to make the fol- 
lowing report: 

Whereas Christian Education is the only safeguard that will 
clothe all generation against vice, superstitution, crime and indolence 
and whereas the urgent needs of the people demand a strong united 
effort from the pulpit, pew and press to eliminate these evils that 
occur from ignorance and whereas in the wisdom of the Rowan Bap- 
tist Association they have led the movement to provide secondary edu- 
cational facilities n Western N. C. and have sought the co-operation 
of the associations conventions and auxiliaries of the entire Baptist 
church, and whereas those organizations have in this educational ef- 
fort. 1st. We recommend that this auxiliary endorse the movement of 
the Rowan Association in Christian education for our boys and girls. 
2nd. We pledge to support this movement. 

Respectfully, the Committee. 


We, your Committee on Missions bey leave to submit the follow- 
ing report: 

Having a deep sympathy for our brothers and sisters in Foreign 
Lands, who have not been as fortunate as we in being taught the 
right way to worship the true and Living God; we recommend that 
we put forth a greater effort, and make a larger sacrifice, that 
enough funds should be sent abroad for the support of our mission- 
aries, that their lives may be lengthened, that they may do greater 
and better service for the Master; that every sister coming to the 
convention next year, bring no less than one article for the use of the 
children in the Foreign lands. 


We the committee on Time and place recommend the following: 
That the Women's Auxiliary to the Rowan Baptist Association 
meet Wednesday before the 4th Sunday in July at the Dixonville 
Baptist Church at Salisbury, N. C, Rev. R. S. Croom, pastor. 
Respectfully submitted, The Com. 



Received at Greensboro July 1922 $443.38 

Brought Forward 364.88 

Total Amount $808.26 

Total Amount paid out $440.79 

Bal. in Treas. 500.48 

Linwood School $200.00 

To Rev. J. W. Hairston, Mins. 100.00 

Orphan Home 50.00 

Auxiliary Expenses 17.25 

Mrs. Paisley 5.83 

Mrs. Bynum 1.75 

Mrs. Ward 1.00 

Mrs. Willard 5.00 

Mrs. Jennie Jennings 2.38 

Mrs. Addie C. Hairston 2.08 

Secretary 7.50 

Mrs. Jennings 5.00 

Mrs. Mason 10.00 

Mrs. Nancy Simmons 7.00 

Mrs. Fitch 2.00 

Finance Committee 4.00 

Mrs. Ada Glenn 5.00 

Receipt Books .30 

Rev. J. G. Scarlette 5.00 

Sexton 2.50 



We your committee on new churches recommends and beg leave 
to submit the following report: 

1. Good Will Baptist Church 

Alemons, N. C, Rev. W. W. Neal, Pastor. 

2. Mt. Carmel Baptist Church 

High Point, N. C, Rev. W. M. Neal, Pastor. 

3. First Baptist Church 

Cooleemee, N. C, Rev. A. R. Vanlandingham, Pastor. 

4. Talkin Star Baptist Church 

Lexington, N. C, Rev. A. R. Vanlandingham, Pastor. 
Be admitted as members of the Auxiliary. 

Respectfully, The Committee. 




Sister Shellia Johnson, Sister Lillie Harris, Mr. Arthur Boyd, 
Sister Daselie Mann, Sister Ashby Powell, Mrs. Mittie Howard, Mr. 
Wallace Yorkley, Miss Grace Puyear, Brother Henderson, Mrs. Belle 
Lindsey, Brother William King, Brother Howard Stanley, Sister Sarah 
Peters, Mrs. Lula Thacker, Brother Tinso Watson, Sister Matildia 
Simmons, Sister Alice Brown, Bro. Heekiah Young, Bro. Leana Gray, 
Brother Larklus Broadnax, Sister Mattie Wilson, Sister Lola Wilson, 
Brother W. N. Station, Sister McAdam, Sister Dora Bass, Sister Doak, 
Sister Mamie Black, Brother Robert Mason, Sister Mary Goolsby, Sis- 
ter Anna Walker, Sister Millie Turner, Sister Agnes Kelly, Sister 
Delia Butler, Sister Nanie Grier, Sister Cora Deck, Sister Myrtle 
Gather, Sister Fannie Harris, Sister Lucinda Miller, Brother Hender- 
son, Brother John Huld, Sister Mary Patterson, Sister Hattie Field, 
Brother Willie Long, Sister Eliza Watson, Brother Maclick Grant, 
Brother Fred Strips, Sister Lillie Watson, Sister Bessie Potts, Sister 
Dinner Farris, Sister Jula Dennis, Sister Mariah Burton. 




Sent to the 



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